Ford Focus RS UK allocation almost sold out

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Source : Ford Focus RS UK allocation almost sold out

Ford Focus RS with only 500 left to buy inside UK, means great demand customers will buy today did not get the vehicle until 2017


a huge demand for Ford Focus RS means which about 500 cars along with leaves for purchase inside United Kingdom under the current adoption.


popularity can be also an eight-month wait for delivery of the vehicle. Some buyers may face longer waits however with one Autocar reader who recently ordered a focus RS can be said by the local dealer to expect to wait 12-14 months.

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Ford had planned at the beginning of 4000’s to be sold inside United Kingdom, developed around 3500 already commands.

Historically, the focus of the previous RS designs inside United Kingdom are no longer produced once had sold out the initial allocation, along with there can be no evidence which This kind of approach will not change to This kind of type, in spite of the high demand.

This kind of means which 500 of the final designs are today available could be the last available inside United Kingdom on the completely new car market.

once were all UK designs sold, Ford says the item will discuss whether to enhance production. However, the some sort of remains silent on This kind of possibility, using a decision likely to depend on what the impact could be on the residual values ​​

the rest of Europe will also receive 4,000 units -. As can be the case with [19459010RS] MK2 focus – however Ford expects North America to be the largest market for them along with one, with nearly 10,000 units already sold

The UK was the largest market for designs to focus the previous RS, however Ford says the item can be different through the completely new RS over the three emphasis because the item can be the very first time which the vehicle was available globally. Sold Mk3 to double the number of completely new units inside same MK2 compared with the same period inside United Kingdom.


Ford surge in demand across its performance designs in Europe, which led to six-month wait for the completely new Mustang.

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Source: Ford Focus RS UK allocation almost sold out

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