Ford Focus RS Mountune upgrade kit launched

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Source : Ford Focus RS Mountune upgrade kit launched

Ford Focus RS stage has signed several at once. in which is usually expected insiders power approach to 400bhp inside next packages


Ford specialist tuning launched Mountune the first phase of upgrades for the brand new RS focus After testing on the Nurburgring, giving hatch hot more power along with additional possibility amendments to the structure inside future.

larger elements in a ‘first phase: a set of 19in wheels OZ Racing Leggera High Level Task Force, which is usually lighter 2.8KG all of the standard elements along with 1.7 KG lighter than the factory forged wheels are optional.

says Mountune wheels (which cost £ 1519.96 as a group) are half an inch wider than the alternatives factory scale, along with give your vehicle tracks wider for improved upon stability along with additional space to facilitate any aftermarket big brake kits – which indicates in which the company may launch one at a later stage. They are offered with an optional set of Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 tires for yet another amount of 900 £

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Mountune also pull your vehicle system, with the brand new government hoses induction of high flow along which has a group upgrade boost hose. These parts reinforced wire is usually not only more rigid than the standard plastic materials, however also more resistant to heat damage, having been tested for 250 deg C – about 70deg require more than the standard car. This particular leaves ample room for upgrades batch, which refers to one Mountune could be on the agenda inside future.

In addition, the RS owners can today have a Quaife ATB differential Mountune supplied fitted to their car. Based on the teams gear system is usually used, instead of the clutch, to provide a smoother along with improved upon traction performance. He says Mountune also makes drift put your vehicle even easier to use. They sell £ 726

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of the different key elements in This particular group include unrestricted roll of polyurethane, he said in which to limit the rocking of the engine along with gearbox during hard acceleration, improved upon response times, along with the short shift lever pallet, thereby reducing the carrier arm throw by 25%.

Mountune refrained coming from revealing what’s the difference for the production of energy intake modifications make, along with they did not publish any data to illustrate how the adjustments affect the structure of treatment. in which is usually, however, an all round improvements promised, adding in which further testing needs to be done before you can detect any hard numbers.

As the name suggests the group, This particular is usually the first of several stages Mountune upgrades for focus RS. The company says in which has already set a promotion authority along with signed off for the package at a later date have been, however are not released details of in which. Insiders believe in which the number of full edge can produce around 400bhp Focus RS. According to the standards, your vehicle engine turbo 2.3-liter producing 345bhp.


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Source: Ford Focus RS Mountune upgrade kit launched

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