Ford Focus RS driven at Spa-Francorchamps

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Ford Focus RS [19459003new] Ford Focus RS will be the hatch Mega moment, however how of which will deal with the daunting Spa in Belgium -Francorchamps?

as well as also Ford Focus RS shares Spa-Francorchamps circuit with the likes of Ferrari 458 Italia as well as also Audi R8 .

I daren’t take my eyes off the track before we look at the speedo, however the rate at which jobs to the right past flashing confirms of which we are traveling in a hundred as well as also something.

focus on curbing ahead as well as also to the left, as well as also the sage advice given yesterday comes to mind: “Be closer to the wall on the right as possible, as well as also go over the left border that has a half, maybe even three-quarters of the automobile.”

ease of feels like a Great idea at of which stage, however the automobile will be able to carry more speed into the corner, so of which stays right foot buried inside the carpet, as well as also the courses continue to rise. Yellow as well as also red curb apartments come quickly on the left scheme as well as also charges the automobile more, directing vibrations through the steering column as concrete flashes painted underneath.

things fast. My eyes flick right as well as also up the hill as well as also I peel back down the throttle as well as also tip the right wheel. Arrows nose of the automobile towards the second summit, squealing tires as well as also loads up the structure, then of which will be difficult for the throttle before the rear can rotate. Shall lie down a car as well as also fired up the hill to a memorandum of four muscles drive the pot before the restrictions on the arrows on the spot, as well as also we force along the path towards the curb as well as also on the next occasion of the left-hand edge of the road.

he struggles to keep the steering wheel as well as also pointed dead ahead, before stabilizing the automobile as well as also then fired down the Kemmel straight. as well as also howling a little excitement flees also specifies adrenaline. of which was the Eau Rouge.

If you were not already guessed, of which will be Spa-Francorchamps, the home of the Grand Prix of Belgium as well as also one race of the earth’s most race tracks challenge, as well as also again if you were not already guessed, I lead RS ( Ford Focus) , our partners inside the selection of the current hot crop large hatchback as well as also without a doubt one of the cars coming from the moment of

with 345bhp her turbo 2.3-liter four-cylinder engine, as well as also Ford will be a powerful very Grandpa, while the four-wheel drive innovative system, co-developed by JVC. JK tires, makes of which feel like a graceful sports car. After of which of which starts at just £ 31,000.

RS bring focus as well as also Spa circuit together was an easy decision, as well as also the idea was sweetened by the fact of which Ford will compete inside the 6 Hours of Spa World Endurance Championship round on the same weekend.

also opened a fresh window of opportunity for us. The drivers were racing the Ford factory coming from going to focus RS – one even helped develop of which – as well as also after the Friday practice round WEC will have an intimate knowledge of how to push a spa. of which will be better to ask for some advice track?

“You **** lucky,” will be the response of Marino Franchitti, driver of the Ford GT No. 67 as well as also 12 hours of Sebring winner. “actually, you should use the drifting all over the place the way.”

While of which will undoubtedly be fun, as well as also I explain of which I will work with the different cars on the public path, so drift full lap like Ken mass might be a bit anti-social. He said he agrees.

Franchitti begins with some tips for one session, hairpin not famous source. “The main thing will be to get out, because the speed of your there as well as also you’re going to carry all the way to the bottom of the hill,” he says.

Then, to enter or Rogge, comes for advice to be close to the wall on the right as possible. In his book, car racing, Franchitti still flat out at of which stage, however he acknowledges of which the focus 1547kg RS I will have to scrub off some speed.

“You have to be lifted as you go down so you can get the automobile turned as well as also get on the right track. As you go over the curb [on the left], as well as also turn, as well as also accelerate the summit of restrictions on the right.”

Franchitti talking through the whole lap. I nod as well as also smile politely at proposals to get the braking points however secretly begin to doubt how quickly you will in fact be possible to carry around in a circle exaggerated several-door hatchback.

Our next chat will be with Billy Johnson, driver of car 66. “I leave of which in a drift round the whole way just to make of which even more vital inside the rear,” he points out. “of which’s more fun of which way.”

as Autocar snapper Luke Lacey as well as also leave the circle of which afternoon, I feel more familiar, however also a little puzzled about whether, come on the track Sunday, the aim should be for lap clean, fast, or the wild side as well as also one .

The next day will be the day of the race. Endurance racing can sometimes offer little scene, with large gaps between each car as well as also a little work wheels towheel, however of which 6 hours Spa does not disappoint. There’s a lot of drama on the track as well as also enrolled particularly wonderful to watch closely, with the likes of Aston Martin V8 vantages , Ferrari 488 GTEs as well as also Ford GT launch of the restrictions on the line the corners of the image rectum. Note to self: take full advantage of the restrictions tomorrow

Ford ends today with varied results. 67 car crosses the line second inside the class, however the 66 car crashes dramatically in Raidillon, corner following the Eau Rouge, after what looks to be a tire failure. The driver, Stefan Mücke, showing bruises however okay. Let’s expect of which Ford only end up inside the barriers at the end of of which week …

Sunday, as well as also today we are on the right track, begins well, with sunshine as well as also temperatures around 25deg C. We could not have asked for better weather, as well as also should make sure of which there will be plenty of grip on the circuit, however of which takes only the sight of shattered glass inside the outside of the Raidillon to remind us of speed of which can go wrong.

We did not come all the way here to cruise around, however, ignore the pressure to do justice Ford, as well as also come out on the right track for the first session. We are joined by a lot of exotic minerals, including 997 Porsche 911 GT3 RS , which will be Ferrari 458 Italia , a Audi R8 as well as also two Porsche Cayman GT4 picture – all the cars of which cleared the ground with RS focus

however they do not. Only two laps inside the first section, of which became clear of which the RS will be one of the easiest cars to throw off track. Most unusual, just faster than the super sports car can be pulled away coming from the focus on the Kemmel straight, while our car consists even on the way to the corners of which can be chucked in a bit while holding full confidence on the brakes, thus producing back any ground lost in any different place of cars more effective as well as also significantly more expensive.

as well as also RS excels through Eau Rouge, where they can withstand the tremendous speed to as well as also coming from the corner without fear of the moment violently extensive. Car inspires confidence as well as also encourages you to push, the engine pulls strongly enough to enable the acquisition of the throttle will be adjustable.

of which will be the access to the performance of the Ford I am able to absorb over the special will be to drive around the Spa-Francorchamps circuit. Michael Schumacher, Mika Hakkinen as well as also Ayrton Senna as well as also all punching above their weight here, as well as also currently, we slipped through Eau Rouge inside the pursuit of the Cayman GT4 even ahead, the focus will be also RS.

Show Ford Focus RS chase Cayman GT4 – a spa on board

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Source: Ford Focus RS driven at Spa-Francorchamps

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