Ford Fiesta XR2i vs Peugeot 205 GTI – Throwback Thursday

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Source : Ford Fiesta XR2i vs Peugeot 205 GTI – Throwback Thursday

Ford Fiesta XR2i vs Peugeot 205 GTI was a feast XR2i in addition to Peugeot 205 GTI at the top of their game in 1989, although how do they compare with Each additional?


For 2 generations, in addition to Ford Fiesta XR2 took over the health segment of the market fast slot between GTIs complete versions ‘hot’ like Citroen AX GT.

XR2i’s follow-up, however, gained a sports hatch fuel injection, as well as the cost of almost £ 10,000 – nearly £ 1200 more than XR2. Suddenly rapidly holiday [19459003waspositionedagainsttheRenault5GTTurbo Peugeot 205 GTI in addition to Volkswagen Golf GTI.

under the hood was a completely new edition of CVH 1.6 liter engine, a development of the unit found in accompany XR3i , which has a power output of 110bhp which gives 14bhp advantage over XR2 outgoing. Backing which was 102lb ft at 2800rpm.

These figures put the hot Ford halfway up the ladder £ 9995 performance, all ringing continuously through the opponent’s most accomplished, in addition to 115 bhp, 9835 £ Peugeot 205 GTI 1.6. which was which the old design of a six year old, in many respects still leads the way, which Autocar lined up as a competitor to test comparison on Dartmoor.

“I’ve got a XR2i definitely what which takes to stay with 205 in any bar in addition to comfortable shadows French car on the road,” Chamber of competition, written tests. “The 205 incorporates a power 5bhp feature, Ford 4lb ft torque advantage. which is usually a modest margins although accurate indicators to how the pair feels in practice: in XR2i is usually more vital to the bottom of .205 crisp high

.” on the road, in addition to the feast is usually far through excellence. inside low-end torque actually makes more of an effort to progress, which also allows the driver to give up the luxury of an occasional downchange in addition to reveling inside exhaust note Champagne, Alpha-esque engine produces as Awakens to reach peak torque at 2800rpm.

“although as the frequency goes up, in addition to enjoy using CVH engine goes down. At 4000rpm, when Shaw Peugeot engine hits its steps, which becomes Ford harsh in addition to thrashy engine. While spins 205 impatiently for Redline have, feast driver is usually to determine whether the bear behind 5000rpm religion. ”

when which came to the treatment, in addition to the 205 GTI ran rings around Ford. “XR2i trouble to begin with guidelines. Ford gives which a low percentage – 4.25 turns lock to lock – although driving is usually still a heavy rapidly parking in addition to demanding recycling vitality on highways twisted. which is usually a settlement which does not work

” in addition to not dogged which frequency 205 ; its leadership is usually hard work at low speeds, although high precision speed is usually awesome. Especially quickly directed-which at 3.75 turns through the locks, although turn in is usually razor sharp in addition to delicate balance structure “virtually eliminates on a leash, so as to solve all the movement of the steering wheel to the front wheels.

” Quite simply, the structure 205 car does what the driver asks him. inside feast can not cobble together a definitive response. “The

similar cars in terms of ride, both being a” company in all parts of the city although smooth acceptable across the country, in addition to on the highway. “With testing rave about 205 gearchange” fast abundantly clear. ” compared to work on XR2i in a “smooth, although the work tired,” compared stacked in favor of the French cars. “the XR2i have enough grip, though, wasted a lot of power in a slip of the tires in some cases, in addition to the balance is usually generally safe. What Ford lacked inside end, compared with Peugeot, in addition to most of the additional GTIs, is usually clarity of purpose in addition to the ability to entertain. “

October 25, 1989

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Source: Ford Fiesta XR2i vs Peugeot 205 GTI – Throwback Thursday

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