Ford develops completely new glare-free high beam technology

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Source : Ford develops completely new glare-free high beam technology

Ford adaptive LED headlights larger Ford products for the introduction of the completely new lamp technology that will can beam angle away through oncoming vehicles. the idea will feature the smallest products from the future


Ford completely new high-developed beam technology free of glare that will enables drivers to take full advantage of the ability of headlights through “without affecting the oncoming vehicles.

Technology features headlight camera mounted on the windscreen detects the headlights in addition to also taillights of some other cars on the road, including bicycles, in addition to also up to 800 meters. headlight system then angles the light away in order to temporarily avoid blinding some other road users.

developed by a global team of Ford engineers in addition to also partners supplier, the technology works in conjunction with adaptive LED front Ford auto bulbs in addition to also the system of high her beam. that will system adjusts the headlight beam angle in addition to also intensity according to the speed, ambient lighting, in addition to also steering angle, distance to your vehicle in front in addition to also windshield wiper activation.

high beam

glare-free is usually currently available for the completely new S-Max in addition to also galaxy. that will technology will also be displayed on the edge of an SUV recently unveiled.

, Ford said in a statement to Autocar is usually producing technology available in larger cars for the very first time, in order to add them to the smaller products from the future. . However, the idea is usually not confirmed anything

praised AA Introduction Ford of that will system, with Edmund King OBE chairman, adding: “Road users being dazzled by the use of a car full beam is usually a growing problem from the United Kingdom, said that will the cause of hundreds of road accidents in addition to also about 10 deaths each year. the idea’s Ford’s certificate to provide these advanced to its clients to help address that will issue feature “

Ford Europe Research Engineer Michael Koherr He added:” We have We found that will some of the drivers are very concerned about some other road users dazzling that will they do not use high beam at all. beam high technology free of glare Ford can remove that will tension for drivers in addition to also help to maximize the beam high utilization – without causing interference to some other road users in addition to also the transition quietly between settings to help from the eyes of the driver set the fastest to change large amounts of light “


Audi uses a similar system from the latest laser headlights, yet Ford can copy technology into your vehicle sectors more affordable.

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Source: Ford develops completely new glare-free high beam technology

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