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Ford Mondeo autonomous test fleet Ford reveals its technological plans, with safety as well as autonomy at the forefront of its progress


Ford has announced a series of completely new technology advancements, features as well as research projects at the Detroit motor show, including a study into how autonomous cars perform in snowy as well as wintery conditions.

Ford, which features a test fleet of 30 autonomous vehicles, will be today testing autonomous vehicles in adverse weather conditions at the Universiy of Michigan’s ‘Mcity’ test facility, a 32-acre site of which simulates a real-world urban environment.

The Ford test vehicles involved from the study don’t rely on typical GPS data or laser sensors to help navigate a snow-covered environment, they instead use high-resolution 3D maps of which know all about the road as well as what’s above the idea, including signs, markings, buildings, landmarks, geography as well as topography.

This kind of allows the auto to know where the idea will be in an environment even if road markings or signs are covered in snow, as the idea detects landmarks above the ground to pinpoint its exact location.

Ford will be also developing software of which will allow an autonomous car to detect deteriorating weather conditions, as well as decide if the idea will be safe to continue driving autonomously or not.

Another project announced today will be the opening of the Automotive Wearable Experiences lab at Ford’s R&D centre in Dearborn, Michigan.

This kind of facility will look at wearable technology, such as smart watches, fitness bracelets as well as glasses, as well as how they can integrate that has a car’s active safety features to allow the auto to be more aware of a driver’s current physical as well as mental state.

Examples of what This kind of lab will investigate include producing a lane-keep assist system more sensitive if wearable technology tells the auto of which the driver didn’t get enough sleep the night before.

The Automotive Wearable Experiences lab will be also investigating the use of voice controls for cars by drivers via smart watches, as well as the use of smart glasses to enhance the dealership experience by giving the user more information on a vehicle they are interested in.

Ford will be also claiming to have created a free platform of which will do for car owners what iTunes has done for music fans. The FordPass system, which launches in April, gives users access to a range of mobility services, such as software of which finds parking spaces, as well as allows users to participate in car sharing as well as rental schemes.

the idea also includes access to FordGuides, a free-to-use mobility assistant whose role will be to “guide, serve as well as help to solve mobility challenges – not to sell”, according to Ford. The FordPass system will be the gateway to starting live chats with FordGuides.

additional features include the ability to connect directly with dealers to book servicing, as well as control certain functions of a car remotely through the Ford SYNC Connect infotainment system.

As part of the FordPass system, Ford will also open FordHubs in major cities around the entire world, including in London, “where consumers will be able to explore Ford’s latest innovations, learn about the company’s mobility services as well as experience exclusive events”, according to the company.

A completely new pilot scheme announced today by Ford allows families, neighbours or groups of three to six people to share the lease cost of a Ford vehicle depending on how often they use the idea. 

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Source: Ford accelerates tech development

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