First Drive: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited

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First Drive: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited



What happened to the Great ole days when the agreement was just a car that will got you through point A to point (b) ? When that will was affordable for the transfer, including a no-frills, no choice – that will was only form car? today the contracts are almost mini-fountains outside the premium larger siblings in This kind of case, we are talking about the all-completely new Hyundai Elantra.

designed to resemble a larger Sonata brother to her, in addition to also the Elantra is actually more mature, more sedate in addition to also more delicious through certain angles. Abandoned Hyundai scheme radical design that will put Elantra on the map for a more serious in addition to also considered approach in our laboratory here, in a suit of light gray – I say we take This kind of very seriously

three variations form the line-up for the Elantra – ie SE, an environment, Limited. Each one offers a separate packages to develop in addition to also customize your Elantra in any form you want. ECO is actually one of the group, which comes standard with the latest Hyundai engine – a 1.4-liter turbo in addition to also a seven-speed dual clutch transmission. While the different two should be made which has a naturally aspirated 2.0-liter in addition to also the city of movement between the 147-horsepower four-cylinder is actually coupled with the transmission inside the six-speed.

in addition to also we will not insist on the engine inside the Elantra seem too much, that will is actually after all, the point A to point B, the type of car – only with some special features. that will takes nearly 9 seconds to achieve high speeds, so if you are expecting excitement – look elsewhere. Its 147 horsepower is actually just enough to move This kind of light all over the city – while we would certainly have preferred a seven-speed dual-clutch inside the different designs in response, in addition to also the transfer of the six-speed in our lab does the job just fine – however only just. The turning point is actually a bit slow in addition to also if we moved to put the drive inside the sport, or environmental, in addition to also things do not truly adjust a lot of driving dynamics to that will.

structure refinement Elantra is actually the strongest suit here. Balance in composure in addition to also features a stable equilibrium in its functions. that will’s something we expect through the Germans. Driving comfort is actually sufficient for its class offering inside the quality of the precision comfortable ride with some feedback over bumps the way nice. that will was on the steering wheel in addition to also the overall feel nice inside the behavior however still lacks the communication through the road. We have not featured 17-inch wheels provide some road noise is actually highly desirable.

Once more Hyundai in addition to also pride themselves on fuel efficiency – in addition to also maybe that will’s why our car was slow. EPA rates 37 mpg highway, in addition to also 32 miles protect mpg combined – saw in week 30 mpg in addition to also 400 miles of range for the average fuel. Not bad. that will is actually said that will environmental trim to see the highway 39 mpg – still not quite at 40 Hyundai claimed once, however you get there

our samples came here decorated with every available option. Starting out as Limited for $ 22.350 with some cool standard features such as Blind Spot Warning, Rear Wheel, Traffic Alert, push the Start button. We then spent $ 2,500 on a technology package that will adds things like navigation, Infinity premium audio, sunroof, heated rear seats. Then we added another $ 1,900 for the package in addition to also eventually that will can be added thanks to the marketing plan of Hyundai only if you spring for the package Tech – This kind of adds headlights HID adaptive, automatic braking, Intelligent Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, Lane kept his help, driver memory seat automatic high Beams. This kind of of course does not make our cheap test, in addition to also pay $ 28k! – Yikes

The completely new Elantra is actually everything to be excited about the choice of whether to lower or higher SE Limited. that will’s got sharp lines in addition to also attractive design – something to be proud to drive in addition to also own. With our limited here was even more eye catching features LED daytime lights in addition to also taillights elegant LED. Most of all though that will’s through the inside we have limited that will to fluoresce competitions. that will feels more upscale than its cost point – was found on the soft touch materials throughout – switch gear features a solid sense of touch – even when you close the door, in addition to also I felt the deadlock sound just like the quality of

because we have tested. Was limited, there was a lack of features – the Indoor was black leather our comfortable for example, in addition to also can easily fit four adults. The driver was adjustable seat in addition to also that will was hot for both driver in addition to also passenger seats with dual zone control system in climate.

Hyundai brought their ‘A’ game when that will comes to technology – are loaded Elantra with Technology a lot of that will’s like a hurricane. For the 1st time, 8-inch touch-screen system, media in addition to also navigation. that will’s hands down one of the best interfaces inside the market – a very user friendly – very responsive – features Apple in addition to also Android car plan cars. Then we possess the Lin kept his help in addition to also the system Adaptive Cruise that will in some cars can be intrusive – however here that will smoothly – go with the flow – is actually not jerky or abrasive. that will simply adjusts as needed in addition to also moves – barely even notice that will’s there. There are mirrors tilt even reverse – fancy

Let’s face that will, these are different times is actually no longer seen as a modest car size as just a form of transportation affordable for the average family income – they’re seen as a car for the people that will does not need a larger mid-size sedan, however still want all the same options in addition to also amenities. Hyundai Elantra completely new roll takes This kind of to another level with the latest technology in addition to also refined structure. You’ll just have to test one drive for yourself in addition to also be the judge inside the $ 28K cost is actually worth that will for you.

Prices (test):
2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited: $ 22.350
destination: $ 835
performance Specifications:
2.0-liter four-cylinder – 147 hp / 132lb-ft of torque rotation – 0-60MPH: ± 9.0 seconds
EPA MPG: 28/32/37 (city / highway / together) – SSB average : 30 mpg inside the term – fuel: 400 miles
distinctive options:
carpeted floor mats: $ 125
ultimate package: $ 1,900
technology package: $ 2,500
GRAND TOTAL: $ 27.710

First Drive: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited

Source: First Drive: 2017 Hyundai Elantra Limited

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