First Drive: 2016 Lexus RC200t F SPORT

First Drive: 2016 Lexus RC200t F SPORT



There are two types of buyers when of which comes to entry level luxury product segment – those of which truly just do not care, yet We want something nice, as well as those of which want something fun, yet the engine is actually not in their budget. Lexus’ latest sports coupe, the Red Cross, for once last year with RC350 as well as vigilance RC-F with the 5.0-liter V-8 . today, the brand new sports coupe includes a smaller engine gives of which the title of the entry level, RC200t.

As you can see, there is actually already a problem, as well as we see here … the cost! $ 39,995! Very cheap does not seem to entry-level car. Especially when IS200t is actually cheaper a few major, has more room doors as well as more rear leg, which is actually still one we prefer. No need to worry despite the trauma keep coming … $ 4,105 package SPORT F – of which’s a piece of change, as well as we will not mind scrounging up. After all SPORT F do not add to This specific handsome grille spindle honey, as well as 19-inch wheels as well as elegant, as well as a series of improvements to the temple to set the suspension as well as transfer – as well as you can not tell me you do not like of which the game of digital video to the dashboard. $ 2,610 navigation is actually a must have – I mean, you can not look at the basic – of which’s like seeing a green text on the iPhone! – EW, as well as get of which together

what throws us for a loop of which is actually $ 460 for a limited-slip rear differential. Why? We do not need them. of which is actually not necessary here. as well as RC350 – Sure, OK, maybe, as well as RC-F – Yes! yet do not turbo 2.0-liter with 241 horsepower. There’s a lot going on turbo lag, of which even if you’re aggressive driving style we have, we just end up looking like a fool.

RC- largest fall of the series in general, is actually weight. of which’s fatter than the hippo to go For two main-thirds of the buffet. Our samples came here at about 3800lbs, as well as you feel every one pound when stomping on the gas pedal. The industry standard would likely consider is actually to accelerate acceptable, rose to 60 mph takes just under seven as well as a half seconds. With 258lb ft of torque coming at 2,000 rpm – of which can be a relatively quick speed off – dashing out of the aisles passing motorist without question the existence of a gap. Stop is actually where the turbo lag is actually most noticeable – of which’s like they are trying to decide whether an engine or Phil

If you go beyond the engine – what we have here is actually a car GT idealism. Red Cross pays smooth incredibly as well as of which is actually very heavy, of which feels like a tank hiding on the ground. He eats the asphalt for dinner as well as did not get tired. F SPORT package is actually what truly makes RC incredible. Comments variable adaptive system features of which makes the graceful flight as well as aggressive yet smooth operator working through inside the cabin isolated. As long as leadership style is actually not hostile, guiding the Red Cross is actually able to respond to some extent, as well as the transfer of eight speed does not spank her.

with SPORT F package, of which tuning the ability to be more attentive if by change the engine identified the situation within the SPORT +. Amendment Accentually transfer as well as throttle response to a more “sports car” driving experience. yet the earth is actually not a race track in This specific heavy car, with This specific little engine, there truly is actually not much of a thrill to seek.

yet This specific is actually a Lexus, Lexus has one of the most comfortable Inner surface premium within the market! Topping of which off, as well as F SPORT package brings in one of the best seats in dealing with contouring, Centeng hugging front seats of which are heated as well as ventilated. With being a coupe, the seats are set up in a fashion 2 + 2 is actually not much given way to the rear seat passengers, regardless of size.

with all the faults of the performance, what we enjoyed most about RC200t is actually of which of which was a great car Sports daily. At the end of a long day within the office was a smooth ride, comfortable quiet car. However, by testing topping out at $ 50,715 with all the options as well as added – we say skip Turbo as well as go for a 3.5-liter V-6 with 306 horsepower. of which’s faster, looks better, as well as about $ 1,000 more within the grand scheme of things

cost (test):
2016 Lexus RC 200T F SPORT: $ 39,995
destination: $ 940
performance Specifications:
2.0-liter turbocharged four-cylinder – 241 hp / 258lb-ft of torque – 0-60 mph: 7.5 seconds ±
EPA miles protect mpg: 22/32 / 26 (city / rapid / common road) – SSB Average: 22 mpg in | Term fuel: 350 miles
distinctive options:
LED fog lights: $ 410
Limited Slip rear differential: $ 460
garage intuitively help: $ 500
premium ultrasonic blue acoustic painter: $ 595
Sunroof: $ 1,100
navigation system with all Levinsion Premium sound: $ 2,610
F SPORT package: $ 4,105
Total total: $ 50.715

First Drive: 2016 Lexus RC200t F SPORT

Source: First Drive: 2016 Lexus RC200t F SPORT

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