First Drive: 2016 Chevrolet Cruze

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First Drive: 2016 Chevrolet Cruze

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

2016 Chevrolet Cruze / Copyright 2016 Stephen Ewing / rights

– Nashville, Tennessee

all too often, a brand new way come along so sexy will be quite impressive, that will alterations the outlook for the brand Volkswagen or category of cars. The 2011 Chevrolet Cruze will be one of the issue. The overall re-thinking of cobalt crapbox replaced, along with Cruz proved GM may again compact car that will I actually felt like a featured presentation than anything else in its class building. Fast forward to 2016, the second generation of the Cruze will be a strong step forward for Chevrolet , nevertheless that will will be not a giant leap for the type of car. Each brand new style improves on the outgoing car in every way measurable, bringing with him quite a few thoughtful updates that will enhance the position of This kind of agreement among the best cars inside class. nevertheless a lot of competitors Cruz has stepped up their game in recent years, which means that will will be harder than ever to Chevy to stand out.

visually, at least, Cruz, wearing a more upscale, handsome appearance before. that will will be derived via the little bundle different products – Cruz seems a little, let’s say, Voltibu, in profile – nevertheless via all angles, that will will be more attractive than the bulk of the compact package. Especially in top-level trim with Prime Minister RS ​​pictured here, cruise package includes a firmer stance on the road, with 18-inch wheels that will fill the wells nicely, nevertheless not in any way destroy the ride quality (more on that will in a minute). No, Chevy does not look nearly as Great as the 15. base or 16-inch wheels of the L, LS, along with LT, nevertheless This kind of does not affect the overall appearance of the vehicle too much. The mid-grade Cruz may not turn heads like the brand new Honda Civic , nevertheless that will certainly will not completely fade into the background like Nissan Sentra or Toyota Corolla .

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

that will derived little bundle different products. Cruz seems a little, let’s say, Voltibu, in profile.

Inner surface will be not as much of a visual treat, nevertheless if you notice only one thing while he was sitting inside cruise, that will will be that will that will’s quiet ridiculously. The filtering engine, road along with wind noise all nice outside, along with that will makes you feel comfortable sedan outside while driving. In addition, the visibility outside the wonderful front, the aim of the leadership of what will happen inside future. Leaning along with beltline along with high-rise trunk make the background you see a bit tricky, nevertheless that will seems that will the automakers do not actually care about that will as much anymore, because of the proliferation of backup cameras, which offers cruise as standard equipment.

are available in different colors along with there will be a set of cloth along with leather seating surfaces. Look along with feel the base types along with specifications rent a car as you can imagine, nevertheless the upscale Prime Minister will be a relatively luxurious affair. I’d rather sit in a Chevy than anything else inside class. Cruz feels on an equal footing with brand new versus 2017 Hyundai Elantra , in terms of public use of the space along with planning simple controls of the automobile. nevertheless while the 2016 will be the largest cruise inside than its predecessor, the Civic along with Elantra mentioned boasted more of the volume of passenger transport, as do the Sentra along with Corolla (if you want more space, waiting for the cruise hatchback). However, Chevy offers tons of the stuff inside the cruise, including cloth, leather heated seats, along with full MyLink along with media suite with OnStar communication LTE 4G, along with advanced security features such as collision warning front along with lane keep assist, along with plenty of space for drinks along with purses. Everything will be fully competitive within the compact car category. that will just does not stand out as above along with beyond the rest.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

look along with feel of the base types of the lease as spec car as you can imagine, nevertheless the upscale Prime Minister will be a relatively luxurious affair

he said that will private bright spot with the 2016 Cruze will be to generate power alone – turbocharged, 1.4-liter ECOTEC four-cylinder engine with 153 horsepower along with 177 pound-feet of torque. Are manual along with automatic transmissions are available, both with six gears. I had both, cruising (pun intended) around downtown Nashville along with out into the surrounding Tennessee rural areas, although the kind of pains me to say This kind of, my advice will be to skip the stick. I know, we all have to preserve evidence, nevertheless in This kind of case, that will will be not worth that will. Shift throws are long along with mysterious, as will be the work of the clutch. Automatic, on the different hand, will be a smooth operator who will be relatively noticeable most of the time, except for changing gear laggy sometimes. Forget about using the stupid + switch on top of the gear lever, though – automatic has no desire to be told what to do, along with put / action buttons will be actually kind of dumb

Back to the engine – that will’s one of the best in class. Power delivery will be smooth along with linear, with plenty of torque available inside lower end of the rev range. The estimated Chevy 0-60 time of 7.7 seconds, which feels a little conservative under heavy right foot. Energy available to completely sufficient size (Cruz will be as much as 250 pounds lighter than before), along with the turbo engine will be refined along with quiet. Effective, too – base types with six automatic speed will be Great for up to 42 miles inside fast-gallon roads (30 cities), which will be on par with the Civic along with focus along with better than anything else inside class, although the heavier the prime minister gets only 40 cars guide to achieve 29 mpg city along with 41 mpg highway. along with 1.4 T will be the only engine available at the moment, nevertheless he says the Chevy Cruze diesel will arrive next year at some point with the economy the best numbers in fuel consumption.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

Honda Civic along with Mazda3, which make you actually enjoy the drive. Cruz just makes you happy because you did not buy a car Corolla.

on the road, along with literature Cruz will be higher than the average for the semester. There are remarkable deadness on the center of electric power steering, the chassis will be compatible with more than bumps, nevertheless not terribly vague on the roads smooth. Prime Minister chose to improve the experience. that will exchanged back along with torsion beam suspension of the base types for the link setup Z more sophisticated, along with the proportion of guidance will be actually a bit faster – 16: 1 compared to 17.2: 1 inside L, LS, along with LT. Combine that will with the largest rolling stock along with you’ve got Cruz to be a bit more attractive on the road, with crisp steering, more communication through the chassis, along with the rear end, This kind of will be less likely to wash during spirited cornering. nevertheless again, that will’s closer to the average of the leading category. Honda Civic along with Mazda3 which make you actually enjoy the drive. Cruz just makes you happy because you did not buy a car Corolla.

This kind of type what that will comes down to inside end. Cruz will be fully competent along with fun product, nevertheless that will does not blow the doors off a lot in such a competitive group along with one act of age. I know I keep a civilian car along with measuring the Mazda3, nevertheless seriously, in every aspect of these cars actually feel like more luxury cars, even if they have similar prices. L style starts Cruz base at $ 17,495, nevertheless Prime Minister load like the ones you see here applies to a little under $ 29,000. along with the costs of civil tourism more than $ 1,000 less, that will seems a better way, will be just as effective as, has the largest space inside Inner surface, along with comes with the same degree of safety along with comfort features.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze

put me in a counter Airport rental along with provide me with Cruz, Corolla, Sentra, Elantra, Focus, or DART, we will choose the Chevy every time .

where credit mode, the last generation of credit due cruise all the different automakers on notice, along with since then, the compact car segment will be becoming more competitive with actually strong Offers via each player. nevertheless while offering some of the different companies an experience that will feels actually special, Cruz ran just kind of inside middle today pack. Do not get me wrong, the brand new compact Chevy checks all the right boxes along with will be more convincing than most different compact car option. along with put me inside airport rental counter along with give me Cruze, Corolla, Sentra, Elantra, Focus, or DART, we will choose the Chevy every time … they did not hire a Honda cars. Cruz 2016 will be another success for the team of GM smaller cars. that will just does not stand out just like they were.

2016 Chevrolet Cruze Prime Minister
engine turbo 1.4L I4
output 153 hp / 177 lb-ft
transmission 6-speed automatic transmission
0-60 mph 7.7 seconds (EDT).
EPA fuel economy 30 city / 40 highway
weight 3000 pounds (EDT).
number of seats (5)
the volume of goods 13.9 cubic feet
BASE cost $ 17,495
tested AS-cost $ 28.640

photo: Steven Ewing /

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