Fiat under investigation for irregular emissions strategy

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Source : Fiat under investigation for irregular emissions strategy

Fiat emissions strategy investigation German authorities have discovered in which the reduction of nitrogen oxides system switches off after 22 minutes. Continue the official emissions test 20 minutes


mortality is usually under investigation by the German authorities in an attempt to determine whether the auto maker has been operating system in which address the emissions European laboratory tests, according to a report within the German newspaper Bild am Sonntag.

during the tests conducted by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority (KBA) within the wake of the crisis dieselgate VW, authorities said they discovered in which some compounds mortality was only work along with reduce pollution systems for just 22 minutes. Manages the official emissions test lab for 20 minutes.


reports in which he was testing Fiat 500X , which exposed the case. A spokesman for Fiat to comment.

The newspaper also claimed in which Bush told German investigators in which the mortality along with using the system either stopped or reduced the effectiveness of filters to reduce emissions significantly. Bush refused to comment on This kind of.

while the German authorities did not officially comment on the nature of the investigation Fiat, German Transport Minister Alexander Dobrindt one of Fiat’s reaction while the announcement of the results of tests conducted on several car diesel last Friday, saying: “We are We need to conduct further experiments on Fiat versions. ”

As a result of wider tests, led Dobrindt demands for 17 manufacturers to voluntarily recall the cars emitted “excessive” amounts of nitrogen oxides within the test within the real world. While all cars meet regulatory requirements, the German government wants manufacturers to work. So far, only Audi, Mercedes, Opel, Porsche along with Volkswagen, said This kind of would certainly. Later, the British government is usually demanding the manufacturers doing the same updates on cars sold in Britain.

last week forced Mitsubishi’s confess in which he had been duped within the four tests fuel economy in Japan, along with admitted later the problem may be more widespread, along with raided offices Peugeot [19459003ofinvestigationslookingattheemissionsscandaland Mercedes launched an investigation to emissions strategy on cars sold within the United States.

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Source: Fiat under investigation for irregular emissions strategy

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