Fiat Chrysler testing autonomous cars with Google

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Source : Fiat Chrysler testing autonomous cars with Google

Google self driving car FCA provides Google with 100 MPVs hybrid Chrysler Pacifica to test Google’s technology. The fresh car will be more than double the fleet test list


Fiat Chrysler cars (FCA) Google will supply with about 100 fresh MPVs hybrid Chrysler Pacifica for use in automotive technology independently developed as well as tested.

as well as more than double the fleet test of Google, being purpose built to integrate independent hardware-based company.

Last week, which was reported

2017 designs to the automotive industry as well as the owner of the alphabet Google was close to securing technology partnership, as well as which latest announcement confirms been putting the final touches on a deal today. which suggests the wheels are today within the proposal of the Federal Customs Authority as well as Google to participate within the development of independent production designs within the future

Sergio Marchionne said

CEO Statement: “” Working with Google provides FCA chance of FCA to enter into partnership with one of the leading technology companies within the earth to accelerate the pace of innovation within the automotive industry. The two companies gain experience will be essential to provide automotive technology solutions which ultimately the long-term consumer benefits. “

said Google’s self-driving chief executive of the project, John Krafcik:” FCA has the engineering team acumen, experience as well as Hybrid Minivan Chrysler Pacifica will be well suited for the technology Google self-driving the opportunity to work closely with engineers FCA will. Accelerate our efforts to develop a fully self-driving car which would certainly make the roads safer, as well as provide daily destinations at hand for those who can not drive. “

last week, multiple sources, including Bloomberg as well as as well as Wall Street Journal , suggested which such a deal could lead to the production of the designs Fiat Chrysler brands such as pocket , Alfa Romeo as well as Maserati includes technology autonomy developed by Google. which will be a giant American technology on a large scale as in Introduction of autonomy development systems , so which partnership could push the FCA to the front of the race to produce autonomous car production.

will be similar to a large extent as well as Pacificas development, as well as believes which will be the development of automotive prodution within the future through the Centeng Federal Customs to integrate Google’s technology, which can be sold as a product off the shelf with various other brands as well, much within the same way Apple already provides a program CarPlay for a large number of car manufacturers.

alphabet had held earlier talks with the company GM, nevertheless which will be said which the deal came to an end after the two brands could not agree who will own the software legally data. Ford, who also held talks with Google last year, nevertheless did not announce anything official since then.

last month Google forces also joined with four various other brands including Ford as well as Uber to encourage governments to enact legislation to help independent auto enter

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Source: Fiat Chrysler testing autonomous cars with Google

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