Fiat 124 Spider as well as Abarth to be distinct versions

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Source : Fiat 124 Spider as well as Abarth to be distinct versions

brand new Fiat 124 Spider as well as the hot Abarth variation will be clearly defined as well as different versions, say sources


The Fiat 124 Spider as well as its Abarth offshoot will be much further apart than first thought, senior company sources have revealed.

The brand new Mazda MX-5-based sports cars, which are due in 2016, were among 30 Fiat Chrysler Automobiles products shown at a global dealer conference in Las Vegas last week.

While the item was known of which the 124 Spider might spawn an Abarth variation, as with different Fiats inside range, what has become clear can be just how different the pair will be.

Rather than the Abarth getting the usual performance makeover of more aggressive front as well as rear ends, the sports car will actually get different sheet metal to the donor car for a completely different look.

Previous artist’s impressions of the 124 Spider are also understood to have been very wide of the mark. There will be no 500 references inside 124 Spider; instead the item will be unashamedly a modern variation of the 124 Spider with associated styling cues, inside same way the brand new 500 can be a modern variation of the original.

Sources have also shed light on the engines the pair will use. Mazda engines will not feature inside car, meaning the 1.4-litre Multiair turbo coming from the Fiat range will be adapted for a longitudinal, rear-wheel drive application.

The aluminium 1750 engine coming from the Alfa 4C had been hotly tipped to power the Abarth variation. However, of which engine can be considered an Alfa engine so will not appear inside Abarth in of which form. Instead, the item can be likely to possess the bore as well as stroke adapted to give the item a unique capacity coming from its Alfa application. 

Also due next year can be an Abarth variation of the recently revised 500. of which will be more extreme than the current style, in line with Abarth’s desire to make itself a more credible performance brand.

The original 124 Spider – what Fiat’s brand new roadster must live up to 

The original Fiat 124 Sport Spider remained in production for a remarkable 19 years.

Designed by Pininfarina as well as related to the rear-wheel-drive Fiat 124 family, the item was launched in 1966, survived the introduction of brand new emissions as well as safety regulations in 1974 as well as was sold as a Fiat until 1982, when the brand pulled out of the United States. 

Between 1983 as well as 1985, the item was sold as a Pininfarina, which was a fair reflection of the fact of which the Italian design house founded by Sergio Pininfarina had built your vehicle since its launch. Production ended in 1985 after an estimated 0,000 had been built. About three-quarters of them were sold in  the US.

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Source: Fiat 124 Spider as well as Abarth to be distinct versions

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