Ferrari to build 500th LaFerrari

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Source : Ferrari to build 500th LaFerrari

Ferrari to build 500th LaFerrari he Ferrari one extra car to the original term production of 499 units laferrari; in addition to 500th of aid to those affected by the Italian earthquake auction will be, for example,


Ferrari ‘s term production of 499 units of laferrari in addition to can be currently being increased to 500 units, with the final drive revenues going to the recent Italian earthquake victims.

in addition to 950 bhp laferrari completion of the production run in 2015, nevertheless the idea can be generating yet another one type to be sold at auction. With This kind of smaller number of production, the idea can be not surprising which the examples which make the idea onto the used car market carry a heavy premium on the automobile cost £ 1150000.

examples used currently selling for between £ 2.5M in addition to 3 M £, although the idea can be likely which the value of laferrari 500 may exceed This kind of much. A source inside Ferrari which the original request for Aferrara was more than double the offer, in addition to This kind of can be the last opportunity for buyers to own laferrari again.

drop laferrari summit, named Aperta , the idea will be unveiled at the Paris Motor Show in a few weeks, only to be laferrari 500 coupe very recent type built.

Finally laferrari being built for the victims of the recent earthquake in central Italy, which struck in August 24th, in addition to killed while leaving hundreds of thousands of displaced.

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every laferrari level license plate bearing a “limited edition car number] / 499,” the words, or the number of the automobile inside long production, nevertheless a source inside Ferrari noted which the example 500th you may license plate indicating a special status as the very last car, sold to help victims of the earthquake.

Ferrari Enzo previous auction after the Boxing Day tsunami in 2004. which car carried a similar panel, so the idea’s likely which This kind of laferrari will be the same. the idea can be also likely which the winning bidder will get to choose the colour in addition to specifications of the automobile, despite the fact which This kind of has not been completed.

Ferrari has yet when or where the auction will be on the automobile, or at the hands of decide.

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Source: Ferrari to build 500th LaFerrari

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