Ferrari Dino (1972) Review and Models

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Ferrari Dino is also called as Fiat Dino. This car is made by Fiat automobile, which is also the owner of the big car’s company that produces Ferrari. For Fiat Dino itself, the first production is in 1968 and stopped in 1976. The Dino also has some models, which are also have different specifications. For instance, there is Dino 206 GT that uses 5-speed manual transmission using 2.0 L V6 engine. There is Dino 246 GT and GTS, which is produced from 1969 to 1974. It uses the powertrain with 5-speed manual transmission and the engine is 2.4 L V6. The other is Dino 308 GTA4 2 + 2 with 3.0 L V8 engine and styled as a 2+2 coupe car. From Ferrari Dino (1972) review, so the Dino in 1972 is Dino 246 GT and GTS.


Ferrari Dino 03

The Car’s Engine

For Ferrari Dino (1972) review, the tops speed of this car is 145.4 kW per 195 bph on 7600 rpm. It uses DOHC 2 valves / cycle for valve train. The torque is 225Nm / 166 ft. Lbs. In this car, there is a front and rear tire with front and rear brake that works efficiently. The steering uses rack and pinion models. The body of the cars is steel body with tubing frame over the car’s square section.  You can buy this car with the price is $ 297,000.

Ferrari Dino 05

A Distinctive Car

Ferrari Dino (1972) review tells that the car has distinctive look. If you focus on the details of the car, you can find some important parts that makes you feel comfort to have this car and because the cat also still has its beauty although it is produced in old time. The Ferrari Dino is the car that is made for two persons sit on the car’s seat. The car is popular at that time because you can open the rooftop in the car where the other car has no roof or the roof that cannot be opened.


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