Ferrari 458 MM Speciale – one-off supercar revealed

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Source : Ferrari 458 MM Speciale – one-off supercar revealed

Ferrari 458 MM Speciale British customer orders detailed product has its own design as well as uses the Transmission coming from discontinued 458 SPECIALE


as well as Ferrari 458 MM SPECIALE will be the latest device for once to be produced in Maranello.

Created by Ferrari’s design center for client British discerning in particular, will be based on 458 MM SPECIALE the standard 458 SPECIALE yet has many intrinsic as well as unique that will go beyond the list of regular options 458 for differences.

customer lines even request more athletic, as well as that has a protective effect of the cockpit, much like the 1984 Ferrari GTO (also known as the 288 GTO). The solution was in black A- pillar to give the impression that will the windshield as well as side windows are single glass surface.

been reworked manually bodywork of aluminum with carbon composite bumpers on both sides. Include bumpers dynamics modified aerodynamic, that has a front-end radiators are much more likely to reflect a redesigned cooling, which sit closer together than the standard car. Added side vents to help cool the engine compartment, necessitated by a change from the back of the rake.

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at the tail end of your vehicle incorporates a rear spoiler, as well as aims to achieve a balance between the equally lower on your vehicle as well as complete the line that will sweeps down wings car coming from the front wheel arch.

wheels Detailed figures designed just with This specific car, as well as was modified front as well as rear lights exclusively. Inside, was upgraded stereo system, trim designed to the specifications of the owner, with Cioccolato leather upholstery on the seats. Additional touches include white rings on silk controls on the transmission tunnel. Ended

458 MM SPECIALE Bianco in Italy with paint livery that will pays homage to the Italian flag. Unveiled in her first trial at the Ferrari Fiorano test track, that has a completely new owner, accompanied by the President of the Maranello test driver, Dario Benuzzi.

completely new car from the wake of another Ferrari one-time, including 458 Italia based SP12 EC , based Anzo- P4 / 5 as well as F12 based on F12 TRS .

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Source: Ferrari 458 MM Speciale – one-off supercar revealed

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