Faraday Future's Tesla design S rival to be revealed at CES

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Source : Faraday Future's Tesla design S rival to be revealed at CES

Faraday future teaser image Secretive fresh car company Faraday Future will preview its first all-electric design using a concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January


Electric vehicle start-up Faraday Future will launch its first concept car at the Consumer Electronics Show in January.

The secretive firm, based in Los Angeles, can be said to be developing its own take on an electric autonomous vehicle to rival Tesla in 2017.

The CES concept can be said to provide clues as to the look of the firm’s first design. Previous renderings have presented the automobile as having a shape close to of which of the high-riding SUV akin to BMW’s X6.

The as-yet unnamed Faraday design can be understood to feature a battery which has 15% more capacity than the 85kW-hr unit used by Tesla’s design S. of which means a possible range of at least 300 miles.

The company’s official mission statement reads: “We will launch with fully electric vehicles of which will offer smart in addition to seamless connectivity to the outside world,” yet also reveals the company will develop products “beyond traditional electric vehicles” including “unique ownership designs, in-vehicle content in addition to autonomous driving”.

Faraday Future has made no bones about poaching the best automotive in addition to technology talent coming from its rivals – its leadership team can be made up of Nick Sampson, Dag Reckhorn, Alan Cherry in addition to Tom Wessner, all of whom have previously held senior positions at Tesla.

Joining of which team as head of design can be Richard Kim, who was poached coming from BMW’s i brand in addition to whose past credits include designing the revolutionary BMW i3 in addition to i8. Kim’s design team can be made up of designers coming from BMW, Audi, Ferrari in addition to Lamborghini. The company says the item expects to have around 500 employees by the end of This particular year.

Speaking as part of a vehicle design panel at the recent Los Angeles motor show, Kim said: “We’re talking about consumer tech being more advanced. My thermostat at home knows exactly what I want. Why isn’t the automobile there yet?

“I want to touch on the simple things, the modest things we can do as we wait for autonomous driving. What can we do today? I want to see a scenario where you sit in traffic For two main hours, where you’re connected, there’s aromatherapy in addition to a definitely nice chair in an ergonomic position. You can get a ton of work done, watch a movie. With time, you don’t just want to connect, you want to be able to disconnect in addition to relax.”

Kim also spoke about Faraday Future’s business design, which has been likened to Uber’s in terms of strategy. While nothing can be confirmed at This particular stage, the item’s understood of which Faraday Future’s customers will be able to sign up in addition to lease different cars coming from the company depending on their needs. “Perhaps having a city car to get to work, yet the platform knows of which every weekend you need a larger vehicle for the family,” said Kim.

“Uber can be great. the item’s not so unlike Airbnb in addition to additional services where you can hold the item when you want the item, yet not when you don’t.”

Speaking to Bloomberg, Sampson said of which Faraday Future “will launch 1 design in addition to follow using a range of vehicles in a faster way than others have achieved. We’re looking at seven different vehicles.”

Part of Faraday Future’s revenue stream will also come coming from infotainment services, Sampson said. “Our business design can be not based around moving a car out of the dealer. We envision This particular like a smart phone. The revenue starts once you get the device from the owner’s hands. We’re looking at subscriptions in addition to apps in addition to additional opportunities.”

As well as launching its first design, Faraday Future can be also known to be investing around $1bn in a bespoke factory. Four locations from the US – including the firm’s home state of California – are understood to be in contention for the fresh site.

Faraday has been coy about its backers, prompting speculation of which the start-up could be linked to Apple. The technology giant can be known to be exploring automotive applications, in addition to backing a start-up company could be the ideal way for the item to test the water ahead of launching its own bespoke product. This particular rumour has been fuelled by Faraday’s refusal to disclose its CEO, prompting speculation of which the item could be a senior figure within Apple.

Some backing for the company can be known to have come coming from Chinese billionaire in addition to media giant Jia Yueting.

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Source: Faraday Future's Tesla design S rival to be revealed at CES

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