F1 2016 preview: Pat Symonds on the future of Formula 1

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Source : F1 2016 preview: Pat Symonds on the future of Formula 1

Pat Symonds Technical commander of Williams gives us a glimpse of his vision for the next few years, as well as explains why he believes the F1 alive as well as in not bad health


given of which Pat Symonds has spent the past 35 years inside frenetic environment at the end of the day, Formula 1, however This specific sport which is usually currently considered to be a failure in a variety of important ways, This specific is usually a pleasure as well as instead surprise out of an interview for an hour with coach Williams feeling not bad about 2016.

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nevertheless This specific Symonds for you. he’s never been one to panic or follow the herd. decisions of which have been measured his stock in trade, made inside overlaid guide with intuition well-honed. as well as today, he is usually optimistic about the future of his sport – both for the season in 2016, which means of which success depends on careful development of the group known stable regulations, as well as 2017, involving major air modifications, which aim to make cars faster completely new rules, which are likely to restore the network arrangement.

, “This specific is usually true of which motor sport can make a better job of things, such as in power, income as well as expenditure,” says Simmonds. “If I could change one thing, I’d roof budgets. nevertheless of all the disadvantages, our sport honest, something we must highly value in difficult times today. Race consists of a set of regulations for everybody to abide by, as well as in general, the best man win. This specific challenge is usually still raises me, although I do not miss in winter because This specific is usually a very busy time. nevertheless we are today at the end of the winter, as well as I can not wait to be there. ”

Although involved in almost pure race all his career, Symonds turns out to be very interested inside transfer of technology for the F1 cars on the roads. This specific is usually a big reason why is usually an ardent supporter of the wording of the current F1 hybrid electric powertrain, introduced in 2014, although they have been criticized for a large number of reasons, “housekeeping” – very little noise, technical complexity, high cost as well as difficult driveability presence among them . Some have called for the replacement engine transmission easier than the so-called not bad old days system.

“However, This specific is usually important of which the formula remains,” says Simmonds enthusiastically. “What we’ve done with F1, WEC [World Endurance Championship engines makes a direct contribution to the cars on the roads inside future, as well as will complete tragedy if we were to have gone back today. Certainly, the cost was high, nevertheless there are reasons for of which.

“engines raced for the very first time in 2014, nevertheless the concept dates back to 2007-2008. At of which time, there was no financial crisis. This specific was still very abundant care. The concerns of the community large CO2 as well as energy security. as well as This specific reached the Western oil reserves are low. The idea made a lot of sense. This specific was very important to not be seen as a formula for consumption nevertheless for efficiency. The cost of the development is usually not very important. The

“to move forward to 2014. The engines ready nevertheless the entire world was different. The United States has today oil is usually abundant through the cracker. The cost of a barrel of oil $ 40, not $ 0. The CO2 is usually still important, nevertheless people also did not talk about pure as well as particulate matter air. global recession has knocked budgets for advertising as well as sponsorship for six. we were a little out of sync with the entire world, nevertheless of which we as well as many various other parts of the industry as well as the community. nevertheless what we achieved was still very important. “

Symonds believes of which F1 does not feel the least bit apologetic for her driving force. Sports did the right thing as well as continue to do so. “We can not go back to gas-guzzling,” he insists. “of which would certainly be a mistake at all levels.”

If electric cars on the roads is usually to take off for most of the vehicles in urban areas, as well as is usually believed to Simmonds, will need to be a breakthrough in battery technology there. “Take a look at the road map to reduce CO2 set by the automotive Council inside United Kingdom coming from today until 2050. This specific depends on the development of much better batteries. I do not say of which motorsport necessarily produce the breakthrough in battery chemistry, nevertheless we were not bad at these things inside past, as well as we can provide a test bed very not bad to take things more. “

talk about the prospects for his own team, as well as Symonds admits of which early success, Williams soon after the 2013 arrival (team scored the third, which position enhanced a lot inside constructors’ championship in 2014 as well as 2015) tends to improvements seem to be easy to achieve, which Warren categorically “t. especially when the team works for the third year in a budget of close to £ 110 million coming from the last two seasons. (for by comparison, says the vine F1 Manor spends about £ 80M, Mercedes as well as Red Bull have around £ 200M, budget Ferrari is usually believed to be 250M £ plus).

If your budget is usually limited, Simmonds says, deciding how to spend becomes a challenge of a special type. “F1 team is usually mostly the research as well as development process. In a road car R & D, as well as perhaps 80% of what you do not work, nevertheless success with the various other 20% makes This specific all worthwhile. nevertheless inside races, when you’ve got less to spend than your rivals, you need to do better. “

Symonds takes a novel nevertheless logical presentation of the volume of investment inside Grand Prix, so often portrayed inside press as enormous. “carmakers way to spend billions on R & D”, he says, “even a few million spent in F1 is usually neither here nor there …”

This specific is usually interesting interesting, uneven spending between the teams could be visible inside relative performance in items as stable as is usually the case inside one where everything modifications. there are a lot of stems advantage of the attention to detail – which costs money. teams like Williams could support itself for the selection of areas where improvements will be very fruitful. even so, Williams incorporates a completely new car in 2016 of which Symonds as “describes an evolutionary too.”

stable years tend to move cars closer, explains Symonds. “I always thought of which a particular set of regs, there must be a perfect answer, the perfect design. Of course, we can never get there. You did not get there inside middle of the road, most likely. nevertheless in a stable period, the evolution takes everyone closer to the optimal solution, so the race gets better. just for This specific reason, there is usually a lot to be said for leaving things alone. “

Having said of which, the technical boss Williams admits he prefers years jolt intellectual to challenge their bigger.” Our 2016 car is usually still completely new, “he says,” nevertheless we are already working hard on your vehicle in 2017, because there will not be a lot of modifications to the dimensions as well as aerodynamics. This specific was our first official meeting we have on of which last December, as well as we were talking informally before of which. So far, I’ve laid down the concept as well as objectives of performance specifications. Also we did some CFD [computational fluid dynamics] test, nevertheless does not work for the wind tunnel yet, mainly because Pirelli has not yet issued any tire, which you need for a decent outcome. “

could be Williams pulling off feature for 2017 on a scale of one delivered Jenson Button as well as Brown World Championship in 2009? There is usually no reason why not say Simmonds.” Williams also is usually capable of innovation as anyone, ” he says. “We certainly contain the talent. If you look back through history, there have been many occasions when the obtuse interpretation of a completely new set of regs as well as deliver a great advantage. Recently some of them, such as the emergence of McLaren F- channel, for example. “

various other back-to-date. When Simmonds arrived in F1 in Toleman at the beginning of the 1980s, success was impossible to obtain.” This specific was a F1 car earth designs as well as influence, “he recalls “We struggled inside back on very little money. Then regulations automotive flat-bottomed for the year 1982 has changed, as well as we went to Rio for the first test as well as the very first time we were out faster. So This specific can be done. “Mind you, in those days, amounted to comply with technical regulations to about eight pages. today you’re looking at 80 pages, with many others as is usually the case in many supplements …

Symonds may not believe F1 is usually in big trouble, nevertheless he still has some strong ideas about how you can improve This specific. “one of the people like to quote metric is usually declining TV viewers, nevertheless one reason just for This specific is usually of which less as well as less a free race inside air. “I do not think we’ve embraced the potential of the Internet,” he says. “We can do much more to engage young people, because the research says our audience is usually getting older. Not as children of the cars involved as This specific was our leaders sport when they were young, so you have to ask whether we should be doing something different.”

length of the races can be a problem. Symonds indicates of which we expect people to continue to focus on the race for at least 0 minutes, while inside game of football can we stop after 45 beer as well as hamburgers. Then there is usually the issue of sponsorship: tobacco as well as car companies salesmen had left long ago, as well as partners is usually cars today are always looking for a very strong business issues

as well as yet … continues to Britain Automotive Ltd racing at a very high level of success, says Simmonds, This specific is usually no sign of losing its supremacy appears. “This specific’s industry is usually still amazing,” he says, “as well as of which includes not only F1, nevertheless a wider range of motor racing spread. This specific is usually a point I often make when young people ask me how to get to F1. I ask them again: I do not mean motorsport? Begins in motorsport as well as get not bad enough to move up. This specific is usually the way I did This specific. ”

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Source: F1 2016 preview: Pat Symonds on the future of Formula 1

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