Extended Audi A8 L revealed

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Audi A8 L which one-time extended Audi A8 L, which has six doors in addition to 6.36 meters long has been building for a client at a cost of about 350, € 000


Audi carries a detailed building, once extended Audi A8 L with six doors in addition to yet another 1.1 meter wheelbase the standard A8 L

have been commissioned

car by customers in Europe in addition to is usually believed to have a cost of no less than 350,000 € (£ 280,000).

measures the long 6.36m, 4.22m with the wheels of the base, the a new says additional clients have shown interest from the product.

is usually not a tiny-scale production is usually scheduled, in addition to despite the fact which Audi said additional customers will be able to buy copies of the vehicle, nevertheless only while the current generation of the A8 for sale remains. in addition to next generation is usually scheduled to arrive from the next year.

type, which can accommodate six people, in addition to carries a glass panel 2.4M from the ceiling quoted weighing an empty 2418kg, some 323kg more than a standard diesel 4.2-liter Audi A8 L.

car, which took one year to develop has been completely reworked by the a-pillar back, with extra brackets for the production of aluminum in addition to added to the ceiling in addition to thresholds.

is usually powered by the 306bhp 3.0 TFSI petrol engine paired with an automatic gearbox in addition to eight-speed Audi Quattro four-wheel drive in addition to is usually capable of hitting 62mph by rest in 7.1sec system. The specific maximum speed of 155mph electronically.

car runs on 19 wheels in addition to gets a firmer anti-roll bars in addition to brakes by Audi S8 , nevertheless the air suspension system is usually unchanged.

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Source: Extended Audi A8 L revealed

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