Exclusive: Bentley Bentayga Diesel prototype driven

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Source : Exclusive: Bentley Bentayga Diesel prototype driven

Bentley Bentayga diesel prototype drive 429bhp mixes having a claimed 35.8mpg combined; first experience suggests This specific will be the style most British buyers will go for


of which’s quite likely of which many of those who ride in a Bentley Bentayga Diesel will never know of which This specific SUV can be diesel-fuelled. You barely hear the V8 at idle in addition to also revving of which in neutral produces little additional noise beyond a (very) distant crescendo of satin drumbeats.

2017 Bentley Bentayga Diesel technical specifications revealed

Engage the eight-speed automatic gearbox in addition to also the rev counter needle mostly shuffles around the lower portion of the dial. Even in Sport, of which’s rare of which you’ll be conscious of the V8 unless you’re working of which hard, in which case upshifts can occur as the needle closes on the 5000rpm limit. At This specific crank speed, the V8 remains smooth, issuing a light V8 beat of which could almost be taken for a petrol signature.

So for aural refinement, Bentley appears to have of which cracked, even in This specific prototype. The V8 doesn’t respond quite as urgently as of which of the Audi SQ7, the engines being quite differently calibrated despite sharing the same hardware. Aboard the Audi, the throttle response in Sport can be almost joltingly sudden, whereas the diesel Bentayga can be pleasingly progressive.

of which’s hardly scientific, however the trip computer was showing low 20s for the 40-mile trip we made, much of of which involving heavy acceleration. Over 300 miles, of which was indicating 25.7mpg.

The Bentayga Diesel’s potential range can be more than 0 miles. of which’s Great news, says Bentley powertrain development boss Paul Williams, who calls filling up “a non-luxury experience”.

of which’s in contrast to your vehicle itself, which, even in This specific unfinished form, appears to have manners entirely appropriate to a luxury experience. Unless you need surging performance beyond 100mph, This specific can be the Bentayga of which makes most sense — especially at £24,400 less than the W12.

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Source: Exclusive: Bentley Bentayga Diesel prototype driven

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