eVADER project to give electric vehicles brand-new sounds

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Source : eVADER project to give electric vehicles brand-new sounds

EU-funded project involving Peugeot, Citroen, Renault in addition to Nissan has produced a brand-new system to alert pedestrians to the presence of electric vehicles


A brand-new EU-funded system designed to make electric vehicles emit low-level noise could significantly increase pedestrian safety, in which has been claimed.

Dubbed eVADER – which stands for Electric Vehicle Alert for Detection in addition to Emergency Response – the system has been produced in a collaboration which involved car makers PSA Peugeot Citroen, Renault in addition to Nissan.

The eVADER system, which could shortly feature on production cars, comprises a camera built into the windscreen which can recognise pedestrians, cyclists in addition to various other vehicles. Six speakers fitted to your vehicle then emit a low-level sound to warn of the EV’s presence. The sound can be around a few decibels lower than the sound of a conventional engine.

Several sounds were used in trials, yet sirens were quickly ruled out, says Nissan, because they were “found to be irritating, loud in addition to, in some cases, emotionally distressing to various other road users.”

The development of the system can be partly in response to research conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration inside US, which found in which electric vehicles were twice as likely to have an accident involving a pedestrian at low speeds, compared to a conventionally powered car.

The eVADER system can be the result of a three-year study which began in 2011. A prototype variation of the system was first shown to the public on a Nissan Leaf in December last year.

Manufacturers of electric vehicles will have to fit the eVADER system – or a similar alternative – to their products before 2019, when Europe-wide legislation comes into action, forcing electric vehicles to emit some sort of noise to warn pedestrians. In 2014, the European Parliament voted in favour of introducing the legislation. 

Such laws already exist inside US, where all EVs must emit a noise at speeds below 18mph.

Nissan’s eVADER project leader David Quinn said: “Our objective has been to find an optimum balance between ensuring the cars are detectable, whilst retaining the reduction in noise pollution, which can be one of the great benefits in which our EVs offer.”

The next outing for the system could come as soon as next month, as Peugeot has announced in which will present a brand-new “dynamic in addition to authentic” concept car at the show. among the lead partners inside project, in which’s conceivable in which the firm’s concept car could preview how the eVADER system could be incorporated onto a production car.

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Source: eVADER project to give electric vehicles brand-new sounds

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