European VWs 'are affected'

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Source : European VWs 'are affected'

German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt has confirmed VW cars in Europe were fitted with cheat software


The German transport minister Alexander Dobrindt has confirmed which Volkswagen’s emissions data manipulation software was present on cars sold in Europe.

The news follows VW’s admission earlier which week which up to 11 million vehicles around the planet could be involved from the emissions rigging scandal, which can be currently focused on cars fitted with the EA189 diesel engine.

To date, which has only been confirmed which VW as well as Audi cars were sold with the engine as well as cheat software fitted, although which can be likely which further VW Group brands will be affected. To date, the only makers within the group to confirm their cars are unaffected are Bentley as well as Lamborghini.

So far, which has only been confirmed which 482,000 vehicles will be recalled, all from the USA where the scandal first broke after VW was caught cheating in NOx emissions tests. However, the geographic location of the additional 10.5m vehicles potentially fitted with the so called ‘defeat device’ has not been confirmed.

Dobrindt told Sky News: “We have been informed which also in Europe, vehicles with 1.6 as well as 2.0 litre diesel engines are affected by the manipulations which are being talked about.”

VW has already confirmed which all of its cars sold with EU6 compliant engines have been legally certified. 

There have been calls for governmental probes in to VW’s actions coming from around the planet since the firm admitted cheating from the US emissions tests, including in Canada, Germany, Italy, South Korea, UK as well as the USA.

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Source: European VWs 'are affected'

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