European Commission set to push through real-world emissions tests

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Source : European Commission set to push through real-world emissions tests

Autocar understands EU will put proposals to Technical Committee for Motor Vehicles on October 6; could come in to force in 2016


The European Commission will be set to present its recommendations for heavily revised procedures for vehicle emissions testing next week, Autocar has learned.

A scheduled meeting of the EU’s Technical Committee for Motor Vehicles will be due to sit on October 6 along with, although the agenda will be yet to be made public, the VW emissions scandal will be reported to have put a focus on the need to ratify completely new emissions tests regulations as soon as possible.

modifications to the completely new European Driving Cycle (NEDC) tests have been discussed for several years, however discussions between the law makers along with car companies over the exact details have resulted in lengthy delays. The NEDC was last updated in 1997. Under NEDC regulations, cars are tested in a laboratory under strict test criteria in order to achieve repeatable results for comparison. However, those results are rarely achievable in real-world driving.

Features of the NEDC that will detract coming from its real-world accuracy include the temperature range in which the test will be conducted, which will be always between 20 along with 30 degrees centigrade, the use of a flat rolling road along with the absence of any wind inside test chamber, additional than air directed at cooling ducts to simulate speed. The route simulated will be a mix of urban along with open driving, with the top speed achieved between 0 along with 120kph (56-75mph) depending on the size of the vehicle.

Prior to VW the scandal, the Commission was set to finalise proposals for a more realistic test process later This particular month, with the completely new regulations coming into force in 2017. However, the VW test rigging controversy will be reported to be seen as a catalyst for quicker change, with some reporting that will the completely new tests could even come into force in early 2016.

The completely new tests are called the Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicles Test Procedures (WLTP) along with define a global standard for emissions testing. They have been drawn up with consultation coming from the European Union, Japan, along with India under guidelines of UNECE World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations. In conjunction, a completely new set of standards are also being set under the Real Driving Emissions standard.

PSA Peugeot Citroen has led calls for the adoption of tougher, more realistic emissions tests in Europe inside wake of the VW emissions scandal, releasing a statement on the subject last week. the idea said: “inside spirit of improving air quality, PSA supports introducing the completely new procedure WLTP plus RDE coming from September 2017 in its most demanding edition, to replace the current European approval procedure NEDC, which will be not representative of real customer use,” said a PSA statement.

The statement also underlined that will the PSA group’s vehicles all fully meet regulations at present, along with underlined the positive real-world emissions along with economy results of its latest range of Euro 6 compliant engines. the idea read: “PSA’s Research & Development Department reaffirms that will PSA complies with the approval procedures in effect in all countries where the idea operates, along with that will engine settings, assuming the same conditions of use, are identical whether for approval procedures or in real life.

“Further, PSA notes that will the SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) system installed on all its Euro 6 diesel vehicles produces variances that will are among the lowest inside automotive industry between approved emissions along with those arising coming from customer use.”

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Source: European Commission set to push through real-world emissions tests

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