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automobile industry from the United Kingdom has reiterated its view of which the day to stay from the European Union is actually the best for their business in addition to best British jobs , ahead of a referendum on Britain’s membership from the European Union.

wants Motor Manufacturers in addition to Traders Association (SMMT), which represents the auto industry from the United Kingdom, to ensure of which there is actually absolute clarity on the position of the last sector because of distortions from the debate Europe.

industry is actually his monumental work, supporting 800,000 jobs from the UK, contributing £ 15.5 billion annually to the economy. He has emerged by the recession a stronger, more productive in addition to more competitive, in addition to is actually right now a leading global player, with exports to record levels in addition to the production of cars at the highest level in more than a decade.

in addition to export about 80% of the vehicles destined industry led to the outside in addition to more than half of these (57.5 percent) against the rest of the EU. Unrestricted access to the largest market from the entire world, in addition to the bargaining power of the European Union to secure international business transactions, in addition to the ability to form a technical regulations in addition to free movement of labor for providing significant benefits to companies from the United Kingdom. of which is actually why the member companies large in addition to smaller SMMT overwhelmingly in favor of staying from the European Union

before the start of the campaign period, commissioned by the SMMT survey of its members – which include cars in addition to commercial vehicles manufacturers in addition to parts companies after-sales in addition to various other large in addition to smaller companies . An overwhelming majority of the companies surveyed 77% said of which the rest of Europe will be best for their business, with only a minority of 9% said leave would certainly be better. Notably, she said there are not any large company of which exit would certainly be in their “best interest.

, Mike Hughes, chief executive of SMMT said, UK cars are able to compete globally, record locking levels of investment, in addition to create tens of thousands of jobs every year in addition to exported to more than 100 countries. We want This specific success to continue, rather than threatening This specific by increasing costs, generating the trade relations we have is actually uncertain in addition to the creation of fresh barriers we have one of the largest in addition to most important market in Europe. The remaining allow the United Kingdom to maintain the influence of which the United Kingdom a unique car of its kind to Gaza in addition to stop the success of . “

There should be no ambiguity about the destinations sector consider before such a critical vote. Has enhanced VIP the wide range of car companies from the United Kingdom This specific message.

, said Ken Gregor, CFO Jaguar Land Rover, “ remaining from the EU – our largest market – will increase Jaguar Land Rover opportunities to grow in addition to create jobs in addition to attract investment in future technologies. We’ve had a European supply key chains in helping us to meet the customers all over the entire world’s expectations in addition to achieve sustainable profitable growth . “

Tony Walker, Deputy Managing Director of Toyota Motor Manufacturing UK, 19459003 ] said, “, in addition to after consideration of the review, we believe of which EU membership persistence is actually best for our competitiveness in addition to our ability over the long term .”

Dr. Ian Robertson, member said the board of Directors, BMW AG, “ in addition to we firmly believe of which Britain will be better off if This specific remains active in addition to influential member of the European Union, in addition to the formation of European regulations which will continue to affect the United Kingdom whatever the decision on Thursday . “

, said Rory Harvey, Managing Director in addition to Chairman of Vauxhall,” We are part of an integrated European company, where we benefit by the free movement of goods in addition to people. We believe of which This specific is actually not would certainly be part of the European Union to be undesirable for our business in addition to the sector as a whole . “

, said Nigel Stein, CEO of J. K. PLC” see real benefit in staying from the EU. Voting to leave the manufacturing investment will not mean overnight disappears, although with the passage of time from the UK outside the EU will be disadvantaged in addition to will lose the investment they need to keep our industries . “

beautiful Mughal ,,, chief executive of engineering group Magal Ltd. said resource category 1 components of medium-sized,” without a full unhindered access to the single European market is actually essential to the operations of the United Kingdom Magal Engineering The growth . “

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Source: Europe Key For Industry Success

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