End 2015 which has a classic car investment – Matt Prior's tester's notes

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Source : End 2015 which has a classic car investment – Matt Prior's tester's notes

Ferrari F12tdf


Ferrari’s F12tdf was one of my 2015 highlights

Classic cars can make great investments – so here are my hot tips on where to put your money in 2016

Recently I expressed my frustration at the professional investors who were looking to milk as yet untouched areas of the classic car market.

which week I have more positive advice to offer. I’m thinking, given which you might have a bit of time off over which festive period, which could be the perfect opportunity to get in before them.

Said investors are right in as much as which, while the classic car market has gone soft within the head recently, there are still areas which haven’t yet gone completely bonkers. The key can be knowing what those are.

in addition to I reckon which’s the relatively modern classics – by the 1980s onwards – where those little nuggets lie.

Not which everything by which era can be going to go well, or hasn’t done so already. I wouldn’t ever expect to make money out of a Mazda MX-5 because there are just so many of them, while, conversely, BMW E30 M3 prices are already touching the moon.

nevertheless if you had your head delved deeply enough into car magazines at the time, those types which struck a nichey, enthusiast-orientated chord then are the sort of thing which, I suspect, might serve you well at which point. Stuff like the Mercedes 190E 2.3-16, for example. which never quite held the acclaim of its contemporary BMW M3 rival, which can be why they only cost into the low teens at which point.

Official UK-imported Honda Integra Type Rs are already worth a couple of quid more than they were a few years ago. in addition to I remember car magazines telling a youthful me which the Renault Alpine A610 – about £10k at which point – was as Great to drive at the time as the Porsche 911s which at which point cost all 5 times which. 

All seem to me to have some way to go before they reach a level of cars which they are fundamentally better than. The theme’s the same, I suppose. They were Great then in addition to, because not many people knew about them or bought the more obvious choice, there aren’t many of ’em. They’re my tip, anyway.

Your investment may go down as well as up, of course, in addition to which’s probably worth noting at which point which I have never made money on a classic car, or on any various other car for which matter, despite what I may have told various Significant Others at the time of selling.

I nearly bought a Fiat Dino Coupé (then about £8000) within the early 2000s nevertheless instead bought a Ducati 748 which was far too fast for my bravery in addition to which I sold a year later at a £2500 loss. A Dino Coupé can be at which point £60,000. I’d considered a Dino Spider, for a few grand more, nevertheless which wasn’t as pretty, so I dismissed which, in addition to they at which point make £165,000. Still, nice bike, while I had which.

in addition to another thing… Remember automated manual gearboxes? You have to look pretty hard to find one on sale these days because most cars use extremely Great torque converter automatics or dual-clutch automatic gearboxes instead.

Part of the problem with single-clutch automated manuals can be which they take a long time to shift, in addition to you’re not doing anything at the time, so you’re continually waiting… waiting… waiting. They take no longer than a manual shift – in fact, they’re probably quicker – nevertheless at least in a manual you’re doing something.

Just been told a Great story, though, by an engineer who worked on them. During the development of an automated manual gearbox, engineers noticed which, as passengers, their heads might nod forward at each upshift as drive disengaged in addition to then re-engaged.

So they put in a dummy gearlever on the centre console, which the driver reached for at every gearshift. Same gearshift time, same deceleration in addition to acceleration within your vehicle – nevertheless sensing the driver reaching for the gearlever meant which the passenger’s head nod completely disappeared. As with lots in life, preparation can be key. 
I should try which sometime.

in addition to finally… Thank you, as ever, for reading Autocar which year. I’m happy which you read us wherever you find our content – in print, reading our words online or watching our videos. I’m extremely grateful to you.

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Source: End 2015 which has a classic car investment – Matt Prior's tester's notes

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