Elemental RP1: the cutting-edge sports car which’s made on a farm

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Source : Elemental RP1: the cutting-edge sports car which’s made on a farm

Elemental RP1 all the places you’d expect the brand-new sports car company to form, Square farm near the village of Hampshire sleepy not one of them


ever had which sinking feeling when you’re sure you’ve taken a wrong turn along with you have a smaller idea of ​​how to get back on track again? I did when I was trying to find a brand-new headquarters for the racist cars.


a few weeks moved the fledgling British sports car company to brand-new premises near Hambledon in Hampshire. An invitation to pop down along with see the first production of a complete copy of the first car of the company, along with RP1, along with attractive considering all live 30 miles away via the brand-new rule.

If which was only which simple. which turned out racist along with set up shop inside back of beyond; closed a road inside village of Hambledon threw my satnav out of kilter, along with necessitated the conversion. I threaded down a country lane narrow than ever, along with came to the road “dead end” sign, along with I became convinced which I had gone very, very wrong.

I’ve driven RP1 racist brand-new – along with wonderful which can be to

Incredibly, you’re on the right track. As discovered by ignoring the dead end sign along with driving, racist decided to build a brand-new high-tech open-top sports car on a farm.

If all which sounds as if you do not agree with the brand-new Elemental site, nothing could be further via the truth: I think which’s great, along with I’m sure which many of the potential owners will love the “secret society” feel, especially because the local Great ways severe for drivers.

When the shop complete the construction along with production began in earnest, along with racist invite owners come down along with watch the final touches made detailed cars. which can be part of a comprehensive plan to immerse car owners inside company

production specifications racist RP1 – nearly every nut along with bolt to improve

However, for my first question. The team along with myself along with photographer Stan Papior wandered inside brand-new factory – which holds which “we continue to dump the” look – can be: “Why here, instead of the industrial units are not described in motorsport valley”

There can be logic behind which, director says Jay Colburn design: “which’s easy for everyone inside company to get to along with we have a lot of suppliers of high-tech can be very Great in which area

.” There are a lot of companies associated with McLaren even in Guildford along with Farnborough, along that has a lot of people are doing a boat in Portsmouth along with Southampton, along that has a huge amount of Great companies which definitely do a very high-tech machining along with component work. “

[19459004andKdnsj] elements of a network of local suppliers We specialized which you need to support the construction of RP1, along that has a computerized approach to car design means creating components are “just the basic question of sending data. If the resource can be a 30-40 minute car drive away, along with which was perfect. Everyone was definitely excited to work with us. We feel we are part of the industrial society. “

can be a composite work in cooperation with the Portuguese company called structural optimization solutions, however RP1 inside British often producing. To a large extent, Colburn senses which Our nation’s ability to manufacture smaller-sized components has renewed in recent years.

“which’s something which which country can be definitely Great at,” he says, “when we were doing the first prototypes very, we were getting the work done in China

. “however the interesting thing can be definitely interesting happened inside past four or a few years: costs in China have risen, along with costs inside United Kingdom had fallen. so which can be today cheaper to actually use all of the suppliers inside United Kingdom. the updated they so they do everything via Chinese suppliers can be done, along with do not have restrictions, such as the language barrier, along with you’re not charging plug via halfway around the globe.

“anyone who says we do not do any manufacturing inside United Kingdom anymore which’s wrong to. What can be more, we can take our data along with get cut turned around very quickly

“which can be not just the work of high-tech – along with things even like to get a Great welder definitely. We were local welding of some of the sub-work frame. We have I got on the collective local knowledge along with skill base – which’s nice to be able to work in which way, “

picked up the exclusive image of a racist RP1

farms gives us a wave as rolling down corridor in his tractor. Racist, which seems to me, can be part science lab along with part of a cottage industry.

“which’s a very British way of working,” says Colburn. “If we can not get what we want, along with we go away along with the clay around inside garage – only in which case which can be very garage high-tech. We send portions of 3D printing along with rapid prototyping, along with get customized machined components just to test things.”


racist obtain permission via the authority of the South Downs National Park to build a headquarters in such a site inside countryside. Clandfield with the Observatory on the next hill, the company had to take care to keep the windows of the light pollution to a minimum.

which topical, because the staff has been burning the midnight oil in order to finish the first RP1 production specifications in time for Goodwood Festival of Speed ​​. which can be also to a large extent on the doorstep, just 21 miles via the racist along with base.

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Source: Elemental RP1: the cutting-edge sports car which’s made on a farm

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