Electric car sets 205.6mph speed record

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Source : Electric car sets 205.6mph speed record

Genovation GXE based on the Chevrolet Corvette of Genovation GXE sets fresh record 205.6mph the fastest electric car within the streets after the legal record breaking 186.8mph own


the fastest electric car within the street legal within the earth has broken its own world record by hitting a top speed of 205.6mph.

IMRA (International Mile Racing Association) based on the maximum speed of Genovation GXE, which was established within the annex to the space shuttle landing in Florida. Genovation drafted within the race driver Johnny Boomer to take the vehicle to the maximum speed. Was set the previous record for a car for those who 186.8mph within the same location earlier This kind of year

along with GXE is usually Chevrolet Corvette -based electric car with two electric motors along with co-production of 500KW – ie equivalent to 700bhp – along with around 600lb-ft of torque. the vehicle maker says the decision to fit of which with six hand to make a car driver along with “You drive of which just as you would likely in a normal V8-speed gearbox.”

within the video Genovation introductory GXE’s most prominent Larry Rihehart, who founded the company responsible for the generation of electric power for the vehicle, along with the difficulty of installing the payment system within the vehicle along with installation together, something of which Stephen Rogers, co-founder Genovation along with the Department of Transportation, is usually also highlighted.

Although Tesla sexy put to ridicule the image enables style S to achieve time without 3.0sec 0-62mph, along with Genovation surpass the maximum speed because Tesla is usually limited to 155mph. However, the style S wins within the end that has a 270-mile him. GXE will run via the charge after 130 miles, according to the founder along with CEO of the company Genovation Andrew Saul.

Interestingly, the GXE’s predecessor after he turned Ford Focus , which was designed for fleet operations along with not made to break any performance records. Along with This kind of, you may also create Genovation GSL – to convert an electric first-generation Mercedes SL .

Watch Genovation break the earth record below.

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Source: Electric car sets 205.6mph speed record

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