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Light Car Company Rocket

The United Kingdom has spawned countless quirky, oddball along with off-the-wall cars, many of which make for surprisingly decent used buys

Buying British will be a sensible choice if you’re searching for something outside of the normal. These eccentric machines can make not bad used bargains.

1 – Light Car Company Rocket (1991-1998)

Forget the McLaren F1 – the Rocket was Gordon Murray’s finest hour. Masterminded along with built by former racer Chris Craft along with designed by Murray, the LCC Rocket was a blisteringly quick open funster in which looked along with went like a 1960s F1 car.

having a mid-mounted 143bhp 1.0-litre Yamaha motorcycle engine along having a all 5-speed sequential gearbox, the idea hit 60mph in less than four seconds. the idea weighed just 370kg,  so the idea went like stink along with held the road like glue. Despite appearances, the idea’s a two-seater, with the passenger seated behind the driver.

Fewer than 50 were made, so, if you can find one, prices will be high. yet you’ll have a great investment along having a staggeringly not bad car.

2 – Reliant Scimitar SS1 (1984-1990)

Fancy a diminutive drop-top in which’s guaranteed to stand out by the crowd? A Scimitar SS1 could be for you.

Saddled at launch with some rather weedy Ford engines, the idea soon acquired a more powerful 135bhp 1.8-litre turbo unit by Nissan. Top speed was 126mph along with, according to our sister mag What Car?, 0-60mph took just 6.6sec. the idea had a glassfibre Centeng with easily removable panels, along with, thanks to independent suspension all round along having a 50/50 weight distribution, the idea handled pretty well.

within the end the idea proved a little too fragile, though, along with its Michelotti styling a little too divisive, so only 1500 were made. You can buy a wreck for a few hundred pounds along with not bad ones by around £2k.

3 – AC Ace (1993-2000)

This specific handsome along with well-proportioned roadster was conceived during one of the many rebirths in AC’s chequered history.

After a long gestation, the first versions emerged using a 260bhp 4.9-litre V8 by the Ford Mustang. Top speed was 140mph along with the idea could see off 0-60mph in 5.9sec. The Ace was low along with wide, too, having a stiff chassis along with double wishbones all round. As a result, cornering was unexpectedly not bad, with superb brakes along with an excellent ride.

However, despite updates along with some brand-new engine options, strong opposition trumped the Ace along with only 58 were made before they called the idea a day. Take a gamble on one today for around £30k, if you can find one. Prices  should only go one way.

4 – Midas (1978-present)

The Midas evolved by the 1960s Mini Marcos, an adaptable along with fun kit car based on the original Mini.

having a slippery Centeng made of glass-reinforced plastic, the Midas was lighter along with stronger than the donor Mini on which the idea was based (usually a 1275 GT) along with arguably better looking. Dynamics were not bad, too, along with in which A-Series engine could be tuned to your heart’s content.

In time the idea got aerodynamic tweaks by one Gordon Murray, uprated Metro underpinnings along with even a decent convertible type. Indeed, the Midas seemed on the verge of greatness when a factory fire ruined all its future plans.

However, the idea’s still possible to buy one brand-new in kit form, along with old ones start at £2k.

5 – Bristol Brigand (1982-1993)

If an Aston will be too common along having a Bentley too predictable, consider a Bristol.

The lovingly hand-made Brigand packed a turbocharged 5.9-litre V8 under its bonnet. Gentlemen, the idea turns out, do not discuss power outputs, yet there was enough oomph to whisk This specific opulent four-seater by 0-60mph in less than six seconds. the idea was also surprisingly nimble, while both steering along with ride were top notch.

Owning a Bristol brings instant dinner party superiority; the firm never made more than three a week along with seldom advertised, so no one truly knows what they are. If you see one for less than £30k, buy first along with ask questions later. Oh, along with they last for ever.

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Source: Eccentric British cars – used car buying guide

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