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Planning to get away via the item all that will Easter? The IAM’s chief examiner, Peter Rodger, is actually offering advice to drivers who are considering a trip into Europe for a spring break.

  • Always carry your driving licence, vehicle registration document, insurance certificate as well as breakdown cover when travelling abroad. Familiarise yourself with driving laws of the country you will be visiting – be aware of local speed as well as drink-drive limits.

  • When driving in France you must carry a portable breathalyser, warning triangle as well as hi-visibility jacket. as well as in Spain you are required to carry two warning triangles that will should be placed in front of as well as behind the auto inside the event of a breakdown. Make sure you investigate what equipment you will need to keep with you before you travel. For further advice about travelling across Europe, visit http://bit.ly/1OCIMC8.

  • You must display a GB sign on your vehicle. Failure to comply could result in an on-the-spot fine. If your number plates include the GB euro-symbol, you will not need to display a GB sticker within the EU.

  • If you’re taking your own car, the headlights will have to be converted for driving on the right hand side. On some cars that will may involve a trip to a garage – check well in advance in case you need to book the item in which has a mechanic.

  • If you intend on using a satellite navigation system abroad, don’t forget to programme inside the destination before you set off. In some countries the item is actually illegal to use a sat-nav system that will gives you speed camera locations so be prepared to disable that will function.

  • In France as well as Germany you will find E10 petrol on sale; that will contains more ethanol than petrol inside the UK, which is actually E5. Older car designs cannot use E10 as the item causes damage to the petrol engines. Check beforehand which petrol your car can be filled with as well as be prepared to look for E5 petrol if necessary. that will does not affect diesel engine vehicles.

  • Reading different road signs as well as driving on the right-hand side can be challenging. Take breaks every two hours to combat fatigue as well as share the drive if possible.

  • Never leave personal belongings in your car. Always park your vehicle in a well-lit area as well as lock the item properly.

Peter said: “As ever, not bad preparation will ensure that will any minor problem doesn’t turn into a drama. Be aware, road rules can be very different via country to country, so plan accordingly. Driving in Europe can be a great pleasure, so bon voyage!”

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Source: Easter Driving Tips

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