DVLA reveals driving licence smartphone app

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Source : DVLA reveals driving licence smartphone app

Licence adjustments


his paper (left) can be replaced by the application (right) CEO

Oliver Morley limited preview of the application the completely new driving licenses to store the phones. is actually still from the prototype stage

agency drivers along with vehicle license (licenses) is actually working on an iPhone app product of which will allow drivers to store a driver’s license from the wallet of their own Apple.


exclusively Oliver Morley deploy an image on Twitter


Morley there is actually no timetable for when drivers can expect the application to be launched along with insisted of which might be to show what the completely new application will look like, along with confirmed of which of which was in development. To be add-on, along with not a substitute for photocard.

he said

Morley his Twitter followers of which application development has been made possible due to the paper counterpart dismantled. along with of which security remains a “priority”

spokesman said limited to Autocar: “As being the application driving license for Android along with some other mobile platforms develop. We were not able to launch something, along with of which will not be available on all mobile platforms.

“This kind of is actually all still from the early stages of development along with of which’s just a prototype at This kind of stage, so there is actually no commitment to us of which of which will launch.

“Oliver wants to use another on Twitter as a way to share the latest things of which we are working with the drivers.”

If the application is actually running, of which can mean of which motorists only receive the license for booking rental cars, or to show to the police, yet can also be used as a form of identity.

Cancel limited to a driving license along with paper counterpart on June 8 from the past year as part of its plan to digitize records motorists to “save” millions of pounds “from the re-cost product.

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Source: DVLA reveals driving licence smartphone app

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