Dutch government wants to ban petrol in addition to diesel cars

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Source : Dutch government wants to ban petrol in addition to diesel cars

Electric cars Dutch Labour party wants to stop your vehicle gasoline in addition to diesel sales by 2025. can be This kind of the beginning of the end of the combustion engine with production huge?


Dutch Labour party PvdA can be pressing to ban sales of all cars petrol in addition to diesel inside the Netherlands by 2025.

has met using a proposal supported by the boards of deputies inside the parliament inside the country in addition to could mean in which vehicles only fueled instead – such as cars electrical – can be sold on the market for nine years by at This kind of point


European leaders are talking about the ban for many years – Insiders pointed out in which Paris be the first to implement the zero-emissions vehicle area just inside its borders – nevertheless if the item were introduced in addition to Dutch politics will come as the first total ban on motor vehicles running combustion

. Up the proposal a year after he joined the Netherlands international Zero Emission Vehicle (Ziv) Alliance, which aims to make all the completely new cars use electric power by 2050. This kind of country can be already one of the fastest growing markets for cars powered Instead, with bought nearly one 10 cars last year, using electric power.

has seen the United Kingdom fast similar levels of growth, even though the total number of sales of automotive fuel instead the item can be relatively modest. The latest figures of March reveal in which alternative fuel vehicles sales grew by 21% on an annualized basis, compared with sales growth of 4.8% in addition to 4.7% for diesel fuel in addition to gasoline cars respectively.

has taken This kind of growing contribution to total figures place despite the recent adjustments to the support of the British government grant means in which cars in which were eligible inside the past to get a grant of £ 5000 are at This kind of point receiving less than £ 2500 in support.

London can be also only four years away by the permanent imposition of low-region emissions Ultra (ULEZ), in addition to in which means all vehicles inside the area must meet strict requirements for emissions . the item can be supposed to be reduced by half as a result of ULEZ nitrogen dioxide in addition to particulate matter by vehicles.

with car sales instead work on up ( The completely new Tesla all electric style 3 received more than a quarter of a million request within 72 hours), in addition to strict implementation of emission limits, how long will the item be until You are either banned combustion engine or fully priced out of the market?

to give us a better idea, we look at some of the most effective means used by major cities around the globe to address the issue of automobile pollution

London, England – Emissions Low Ultra region by 2020

for cars in addition to vans, in addition to we must all European diesel engines are 6 in addition to compatible with up to 5 years of age, in addition to must gasoline engines are euro 4 compliant in addition to registered on or after January 1, 2006. vehicles in which do not meet these criteria must pay yet another cost for leadership in This kind of area.

region will cover the congestion charge zone, which was in place since 2003, the item requires a car to pay a fee for entry 7:00 to 6:00, Monday to Friday, unless the vehicle can be low emissions

Delhi, India – abnormal even number plate

In January 2016 was imposed For two main weeks car rationing on a Delhi trial, This kind of car means with marital in addition to individual plates numbers only allowed on the road day after day. The alarmingly high pollution levels in response, nevertheless while the ban a significant improvement inside the terrible traffic inside the city, in addition to there was little evidence suggests in which improving air quality

Oslo, Norway – City private car ban Center by 2019

in addition to the Norwegian capital plans to ban private cars by its position by 2019. The move can be part of government’s plan Oslo completely new to reduce greenhouse gases emissions by 50% by 2020, compared with levels 1990, in addition to to reduce car traffic by 20% in 2019 in addition to 30% in 2030 in addition to will be built bike paths in addition to will be subsidized by the government as part of the purchases electric bike plan.

Rotterdam, Netherlands – Old diesel ban by January 2016

by January 2016, diesel cars in which were built before 2001, all cars before dating in 1992, will prevented by northern parts of the city within the ring road to improve air quality. Drivers facing a € 0 fine for driving your vehicle inside the restricted area. the item’s part of the strategy in which will see € 12 million invested to reduce the rate of pollution inside the city by 25%. Diesel cars built before 2005 could be banned by 2018, in addition to will build more cars electric charging stations as part of the scheme, along with the bike better facilities

Mexico City, Mexico – days No disk

“Hoy No Circula” program – which literally translates by Spanish to “today can be a [car] does not circulate” in addition to can be known as days no disk – restricts some cars driving depending on the last digit on number plate in addition to emissions level. In place since 1989, the system prevents your vehicle by 5:00 to 22:00 in addition to driving one day a week, while cars registered for more than eight years banned the addition of leadership on Saturday alternative. Electric cars or hybrids are exempt by the rule, as additional vehicles in which meet certain requirements of the emissions. Emissions tests are conducted every six months as part of This kind of scheme. However, the study has shown in which carbon monoxide emissions have risen by 13% since then, has got some people in all parts of the project through the purchase of a second car

Beijing, China – ban For two main weeks in 2015

For two main weeks in late August 2015, in addition to had 5 million cars to pay for day after day in Beijing restrictions in addition to factory implemented the run up to the parade victory day China in 3 September.On the day of the parade, praised many of the rare sight of blue sky, in addition to the air quality index has risen inside the city in addition to down to the “very Great health” 17 out of 500, nevertheless rose to the “unhealthy” 0 the next day when the ban was lifted. During the two weeks of the restrictions, in addition to closed 40,000 construction sites down in addition to Beijing, the average levels of particles less than 73.2% during the same time in 2014. There can be no news on whether a similar ban can be realized inside the future.

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Source: Dutch government wants to ban petrol in addition to diesel cars

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