DS E-Tense Concept – DS boss drops another hint about production

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Source : DS E-Tense Concept – DS boss drops another hint about production

DS E-Tense Concept glimpsed PSA chairman Carlos Tavares of which the battery-powered all-wheel-drive technology exhibition can hold the future as car production


dropped coach PSA Group Carlos Tavares further hint of which the all-electric DS super tense E shown as a concept in Geneva Motor show last month could make of which to the production of during 2021.

four-wheel-drive, carbon physically E- crisis is actually said to be able to 4.5sec 0-62mph time, a top speed of 155mph in addition to also range of 220 miles, claims of which the DS you set about proving with of which concept, which of which was built according to the specifications of car production.

speaking at the launch of the completely new PSA group inside “push to pass” action plan of which morning, Tavares in addition to also promised of which the company will introduce “inside all-wheel electric drive technology available in our cars than top-of-the-range “sometime between 2019 in addition to also 2021. time

although the pain Tavares said t, an image of the concept of Geneva 402bhp Zart- E Tense name within the presentation of which accompanied his speech.

At the very least, of which tells us of which the technology which supports Tense E- will be used under an electric one copy of the a few versions the completely new DS is actually planning to introduce inside next a few years.

According to view Tavares, the main objectives of the DS inside next phase of the PSA for the development in addition to also continuing to build its brand in addition to also improve the “pricing power” compared with premium rivals. Hala hit like E- crisis style can be an effective way to achieve these goals, in addition to also at the same time highlighting potential PSA technology to generate electric power.

“We are aware of which there are ongoing electrification in addition to also by the year 2019,” said Tavares today, referring to the PSA comprehensive range of low-emission vehicles strategy.

“We will raise PSA technology in gasoline plug-in hybrids in addition to also the second generation of electric powertrain technology by 2021 in addition to also we have seven vehicles having a plug-in gasoline hybrid technology, four completely new electric cars in addition to also all-wheel electric drive technology available in our cars among higher long. ”

Although the concept, in addition to also E- built tense standards of cars DS production to ensure of which can be used as a demonstrator technology, the LED Display Geneva company does not completely rule out producing by issuing go.

Asked in Geneva if the concept reaches production, Tavares said the same: “inside next couple of years? No. of which takes a long time to build a brand has pricing power to sell the item big ticket like of which. although I’ve learned in of which business to never say never. I accept of which we will need a halo car for the brand DS, although whether of which will be of which car, we must wait in addition to also see. ”

is actually anticipated to launch an all-completely new six-style line- starts

DS up in mid-2018, having a large salon in addition to also tends SUVs such as the flagship versions. Tavares said DS leaders to build brand awareness through initiatives such as Formula E race , avoid extreme decisiveness.

“If we sell at discounts, we will spoil the long-term story for he is actually the only premium brand in French.” “We must build profitability, not expansion.”


DS completely new concept electric super carbon physically Geneva Motor Show .

in addition to also E- crisis was actually made to the standards of production in addition to also everything is actually completely the concept of life, by the drivetrain at all supply to the way in which the standards of pedestrian impact was considered inside design compounds.

Tense E built

in addition to also around the Central Carboniferous basin, with stretcher aluminum at each end. Suspension is actually double wishbone bones in all four corners in addition to also under the rear bodywork of the two electric motors AC Siemens, which produces the total output of 402bhp.

instead of the engine in addition to also one for each wheel set up, however, both motors become common shaft, with the current thinking of which the two engines are lighter in addition to also easier to package than one particular high-output engines.

engine goes into the gears of three-speed packet in addition to also then the active differential of which biases the torque across the rear axle. Power comes by 53kWh battery mounted under the ground, in in addition to also of itself is actually fed by a battery charger.The high-speed rear-mounted weigh less than 500KG total weight of the automobile is actually about 1800kg.

elegant lines were produced using state of the art of living CAD system, enabling virtual aerodynamic modeling. The little side Lamborghini design similar to help channel the flow of air quickly. Carbon publisher Alarge inside back for increased downforce in addition to also aerodynamic force is actually used.

has no rear window. Instead, the rear view camera system relays an image of the back of the automobile to display the “mirror” inside cockpit, a feature of which was already destined for the production of at least one DS inside future. Tense E also has the honor wipers in addition to also side mirrors.

headlights have four mobile units resembling jewel of which allow for different intensity patterns in addition to also firmness. Eric Opode, product development DS coach, patented in addition to also said of which production ready.

striking Indoor features a central display screen mounted on the ejection plate on nicely shaped. Plates hand-painted leather seats in addition to also has taken nearly 800 hours of work in place of the style trim. There are also built-in, portable unit center hour BRM, which can be removed by the owner when they leave the automobile.

tires Michelin Pilot Super Sports (305/30 R20 at the rear) in addition to also includes a chamfered end, of which aims to make of which feel like velvet.

Additional reporting by Mike Duff

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Source: DS E-Tense Concept – DS boss drops another hint about production

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