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On test here can be the DS 4 Crossback Upmarket Citroën brand’s facelifted family car, in high-riding guise The recent past has not been particularly rosy for Citroën as well as its parent company, PSA.Only last year, Europe’s second-largest car maker had to be bailed out of dire financial straits by the French government as well as its Chinese partner, Dongfeng Motors.Tepid demand in Europe for fresh cars was blamed, although the group’s equally tepid product line-up could be rightfully identified as doing This kind of no favours.One remedy to the patent lack of elan was the formation of DS Automobiles, a large-scale rebranding exercise intended to inject some Parisian-style flair.The exercise kicked off in 2009 with the very well-received DS 3 supermini as well as continued with the very Great-looking (albeit slightly less well-received) DS 5 crossover.In between the two, in 2010, we got the first DS 4. Based on the Citroën C4, This kind of provided the DS project with the family-sized hatchback normally required to generate sustainable volume in Europe.Despite its utterly conventional platform, Citroën insisted the auto wasn’t conventional at all as well as described This kind of as a hybrid of a saloon, a coupé as well as a compact 4×4 – in some other words, just the kind of avant-garde amalgamation This kind of had conceived the DS badge to deliver inside first place.Unfortunately, the most unorthodox thing about the 4 was the decision to nail the rear windows shut. Otherwise, This kind of was a modestly raised C4 under a modestly prettier Centeng.The imprudence of Citroën’s attempt to sell This kind of variant as more ‘sporting’ than its lower-to-the-ground sibling can be reflected inside decision to split its facelifted replacement into two entities: the 4 (a standard hatch) as well as This kind of, the 4 Crossback, a higher-riding variant for those interested in ‘urban adventure’.in which niche, you’ll hardly need reminding, can be spoilt for choice, which has a multitude of compact crossovers jostling for attention. We tested the 1.6-litre BlueHDi 0 to discover the 4 Crossback’s proper place among them.
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Source: DS 4 Crossback

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