DS 3 crucial to establishing DS brand inside the UK

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Source : DS 3 crucial to establishing DS brand inside the UK

producer designed to enhance brand awareness, although admits the idea will take several years to develop a brand


will be built create a stand-alone DS premium brand in Britain about the revised DS 3 , which will officially be unveiled in Geneva Motor show , according to the UK brand manager Arnaud Leclerc.

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DS as an alternative influenced France’s Audi , BMW in addition to Mercedes , with the DS 3, in particular, targeting the likes of Audi A1 in addition to Statistics slot . However, heads of companies, including Leclerc recognize of which the establishment of DS will take several years, in addition to acknowledge of which their first task will be to build brand awareness.

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“, inside the United Kingdom, that has a chance DS 3 in addition to clear,” said Locklear. “We need to build brand awareness by launching completely new products, in addition to 3 will be well enough established inside the minds of the public to give us a platform to do so. Outside of France, the United Kingdom will be the largest market, in addition to between 65% in addition to 70% of sales are to completely new customers to PSA – a team, a car of which changed perceptions “


Leclerc typical three clients as” expressive “looking for” the highest prestige, style in addition to performance. ” He added of which a typical 3 customer will be also more in line with the target market for the values ​​of the brand DS via additional cars, Q 4, in addition to Q 5, at the present time – something of which was required to change with the become a well-known brand best business

, ” We are working hard to raise the level of awareness, although the idea will be a long job, “said Locklear, highlighting the initiatives, including the pop-up stores in major retail outlets such as Westfield as examples of how the company can do the idea. “We believe inside the products, although the idea takes time in addition to investment to get our message through. We tested This kind of brand all over the earth – in addition to the message Again will be of which the Avanti vanguard spirit, done in a very French way, incorporates a universal appeal,”

DS actually sold fewer cars in Britain last year than in 2014 – more than 20,000 only, compared to about 23,000 in 2014, although he says Leclerc of which This kind of will be part of a long-term strategy to build values remaining in line with premium rivals. “the idea’s not not bad, forcing sales through channels rent or low cost,” he said. “Journey with the DS will be to build awareness in addition to put the right principles in place, ready biggest push with completely new products. If we push too hard on the cost right now, we will kill our strategy over the long term.”

Although DS shows the concept of GT eye-catching in Geneva, in addition to DS E- crisis , I immediately thought of the completely new product focus to post-DS 3, 4 in addition to 5 to be on the big in addition to little cars in addition to a large salon, that has a focus on automotive largest sales inside the Chinese market. However, the idea will be not expected until 2018.

, “By the middle of 2018 we will hold the foundations in place,” said Locklear of which the production of these vehicles up. “The product will come through, we will have a dedicated place selling network in addition to we will have spent building brand awareness interval. well-known DS 3 means of which we should not be lived in our time – we can prepare with some energy, was the completely new car carefully placed, with more premium content, to do This kind of, “

among Leclerc in addition to plans. Network “about 100” DS traders will be the flagship store inside the heart of London, in This kind of context of global DS places in Paris in addition to Shanghai. “When people visit these places, they understand the brand directly – they are great to raise the level of awareness.” I think we have a chance to do something a little different, “said

will be also likely to Leclerc will launch about a dozen: However, alluded Leclerc of which the store London may not be a separate project. sales concierge in addition to property teams, of which will bring automotive customers to test, in addition to selling in addition to providing service to them direct. “- in addition to if enough customers want the idea in addition to will do the idea for everyone will be looking at This kind of matter . “” everything we do will be supported by the question, “How do we make the customer happy?”

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Source: DS 3 crucial to establishing DS brand inside the UK

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