Driving a Mazda CX-3 to the Arctic Circle

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Source : Driving a Mazda CX-3 to the Arctic Circle

Mazda CX-3 Norway drive Autocar way to Nordkapp Norway cold, icy in addition to patrols of the bears. is actually the Mazda CX-3 is actually strong enough for the job?


beautiful. This specific is actually what Norway. Featuring the country’s sparsely populated vast expanses of the landscape breathtaking, which is actually untouched by man, in addition to the north coast, embraced by the marine blue waters of the Barents Sea, testifies to the sunrise in colored Arctic vivid displays of the aurora borealis.

No wonder, then, in which portion of the land to the north of mainland Norway, named appropriately Nordkapp (North Cape), is actually a well-liked tourist destination, in addition to, unpleasant for us, also the item refers to the end of one of the leadership’s most beautiful Europe’s roads in addition to E69. is actually there a better reason to pay 490 miles from the Arctic Circle than This specific?

probably the item should have been given an idea of ​​a little more thinking. Bears, wolves, falling heavy snow in addition to low temperatures are only four of the obstacles in which life-threatening Autocar snapper Luke Lacey in addition to I may face on our journey via our starting point in Lulea, Sweden, to the northern tip of Norway.

might think in which This specific trip requires a rugged, focused, hardcore SUV, although instead Mazda provided us with the little CX- 3 Cross, boldly claims in which This specific compact SUV is actually more than up to the job. All of my research before the trip suggests, most of the wild animals Scandinavia in addition to the weather either try to eat or freeze me, so you have to forgive wish the fact in which I was a little apprehensive as we head north in addition to behind the wheel of the vehicle, which, let’s face the item, falls within the vehicle category are generally more concerned with the weekly shop via escaping via the packs of wolves.

Maybe I’m wrong to doubt the item. Before we set off on our journey, in addition to explained how the item was people Mazda SUV in addition to CX-3 system more advanced than conventional drivelines electronically controlled. They said in which the item makes use of a set of data, not just information via the wheels themselves. in addition to studying the brain of the system air temperatures across the thermometer from the vehicle external surfaces in addition to rain through the automatic spaces gradient across more sensors, in addition to then down the amount of change of rotation sent to each wheel torque, which represents the steering angle, in addition to the application of the throttle in addition to brake pressure. Results, so says Mazda, in addition to the optimum smooth grip in addition to traction levels.

in which’s all well in addition to Great, although what I saw from the movies can be a bear do from the vehicle in addition to I do not fancy facing one from the Ford Fiesta-sized crossover. At least we have a set of tires suitable studded snow, in addition to more importantly, urgent supplies of sandwiches.

starting at 06:00, we head due north along the dual track in which leads out of Lulea. I am grateful in which the snow bulldozers cleared roads of thick powder, so there is actually only a thin layer of compact snow to contend with. Although we are driving in conditions in which could be the highway network from the United Kingdom paralyze in seconds, for a distance of 100 miles or until the first CX-3 feels perfectly comfortable cruising at 70mph. I take the time to assess what beneath us.

Although the ride height raised her, the vehicle feels no larger than a hatchback, in addition to This specific tendency early the item drives like one, too. I love the manual transmission, which features a short, direct throws, in addition to leadership tray alert satisfactorily, if lacking in feeling. I developed This specific system to Great use on multiple occasions, in addition to we are blown from the side towards the high snowbanks 3FT when trucks fly by from the different direction quickly the item seems incredible, in addition to clouds of snow, which starts via behind. Since our car is actually registered from the United Kingdom via right whore, I am safe on the different side of the cabin. Locke did not look too happy.

car was equipped with our 103bhp 1.5-liter Skyactiv diesel engine, which is actually claimed to be Great for 70.6 mpg combined. In all honesty, the fuel economy is actually irrelevant to a large extent here, because cold conditions slippery means the vehicle is actually running in a four-wheel drive permanently mode, although the item’s still amazing to note in which we are averaging about 47mpg, according to the trip computer. the item’s not particularly strong, although the action mid-range engine in addition to there’s enough grunt to make the item easy overtaking enough – unless the truckers will play ball


Luc several more near misses – these trucks Scandinavian drivers know clearly do not fear – before they pass a sign in which represents the Arctic circle. By This specific point I almost forgot completely about the threat of a bloodthirsty wild life, although I am a bit disappointed of ways. Locke suggests we Authority about Finland, where things are supposed to get more interesting. I drop the gear in addition to start paying like the pace of Swedish truck driver local.At, the Finnish border comes up quickly, so at 10:00 we pass on E8 near Kolarinsaari to enter Lapland. For the first hour after This specific, the scene barely changed, although flat forest gradually give way to open fields in addition to hills flowing snow, in addition to the sun even begins to burn through a white cloud from the morning.

This specific gradual change from the landscape is actually still the right way through Finland, although the item’s not until we pass a sign saying Finnmark ‘today in which we are aware of in Norway. Comfortable, the item’s via This specific point onwards in which the roads start genuinely interesting, in addition to the scene puts up more of a fight in addition to icy asphalt begins to twist in addition to bend through the hills.

in addition to the early start meant I had been feeling tired throughout the morning, although the item’s amazing how exciting stretches of road can wake you up. today, still heading north, although farther in Norway, in addition to I ran into more corners in addition to undulations before, in addition to not surprisingly, the CX-3 feel right at home.

until This specific moment, riding hard Mazda did not feel particularly, although the item is actually clear soon in which the structure is actually more than capable of dealing with the rapid adjustments direction to some extent. A couple of times so I instinctively begin to apply a handful of opposite lock as I feel the Centeng began to rotate, although my efforts are not necessary because I quickly learned the item was winter tires soft praise rather than any form of actual slipping. in addition to soon begin to trust in which, as the sun begins to burn through to expose the sky more blue, I find myself having a heck of a lot of fun.

Norway is actually not short of natural beauty, in addition to through tired eyes I find myself amazed at the sun overlooking the snow-capped mountain peaks. Ice waterfall grab our attention, although then I realize I’m doing about 65mph in addition to we are fast approaching a sharp turn, which lacks the runoff in addition to a decrease from the lake covered with ice on the different side. I strongly brake in addition to the resolution of my cheek …

Fortunately, we are not crushed by banks of snow at the lake, thanks to electronic stability control Mazda system, which is actually capable enough to maintain to This specific day the driver dreams in control on icy surfaces. the item’s impressive stuff, although he certainly wakes me. Turn the climate control down to keep me more alert.


three hours to get to our goal, in addition to E69. Immediately becomes a technical way too seriously, in addition to we have diesel CX-3 feels completely comfortable running via corner to corner. The gearbox is actually working to keep the engine from the sweet spot hoarse although full of torque is actually a joy.

via today the sun has passed its highest point in addition to is actually heading down toward the western horizon. This specific creates a wonderful golden glow, which lights up the clouds with the glorious purple in addition to pink, in addition to bathes the distant mountains from the yellow light. Locke wants to stop for pictures, although we will not make the item to our destination before sunset if we do not do. the item caught fire, knowing in which we will not be able to capture This specific stunning moment, although we need to reach Nordkapp before sunset. Point of view there, we are told, is actually unusual.

as if to rub more salt from the wounds, the next section of the road latches on the coastal strip of the Barents Sea, the water freezing from the sprinkler into the feet of the edge of the road. We can see the Nordkapp-navigation sat today, so the item helps me to keep the focus on access by the fading light, although I still find myself looking out the side window, trying to absorb the view.

to get to Nordkapp, express part of the sea in which separates the mainland via Magerøya Island, which lies a few miles. the item’s reachable through a long section of the tunnel in which ducks under the water, in addition to when you go out on the different side, you can just look to the high ground of Nordkapp from the distance.

becomes a race against time to reach the top before the sun, which is actually today skimming the horizon, in addition to sets completely. Mazda has arranged for us to meet the snowplough at the bottom of the slope from the Nordkapp sitting on, in addition to we were able to find the item with minutes to spare. This specific is actually part of a slow campaign, in addition to we are stepping up the snow-covered road from the dim light, although a few minutes to drive the whole cumbersome suddenly became worth the item. There Nordkapp. Mazda has achieved the item.

we have nothing although the sea, in addition to from the end, the North Pole. We are so far north in which we are closer to the pole than we are to London, in addition to there is actually no doubt in which when the item penetrates the wind chilling the bones cabin Mazda as we open the doors.

Sunset holds just about long enough for Luke to get a shot, in addition to although we do not catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights, in addition to I’m very proud of Mazda. Against all odds, he’s got us here without complaint, just from the nick of time.

I laugh. the vehicle you will see in these pages is actually likely to end up having a buyer in which barely adventure of the outskirts of the cities, like most crossovers, in addition to perhaps eventually will transfer the children to school in addition to holds a weekly shop. although, as our journey showed, This specific intersection can do so much more than in which. with This specific reason, I always respect the Mazda CX-3, even those running the school.

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Source: Driving a Mazda CX-3 to the Arctic Circle

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