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Don’t Pokémon in addition to drive police issued warnings not to use Pokemon Go application while driving. We need to remind you why?


Pokemon was going example of success overnight. We would certainly be very surprised if you have not heard of the idea yet.

For those of you who do not, although the idea’s application on the basis of the election Pokemon games which allow users to find the fictional creatures from the real world using augmented reality.

there was a wave of warnings of health in addition to safety-related application, ranging by child safety in looting by criminals tech-savvy. The latest comes by the police, warning which some (lazy) user trying to catch ’em all by behind the wheel of their cars.

Come on, people. This kind of is actually a very, very stupid.

Aside by the point of view of safety in addition to clear, in addition to the idea’s not very practical from the game, anyway. Of course, the likelihood of people are doing This kind of is actually almost inevitable, as we see the use of the application on a very large scale, in addition to the game is actually based on travel, however we can not think of many reasons why more stupid to lose your life.

until IAM Roadsmart are warnings . Issued the Institute, which promotes better leadership, issued a statement urging motorists not to take risks, while also reminds us which 15% of drivers aged 18-25 in addition to 19% of drivers aged 25-35 admitted to taking a personal photo while driving .

, Samson Ruwangu in addition to executive digital content, said the IAM Roadsmart: “Pokemon Go makes you focus on hunting letters in addition to surrounded by all of the hand-eye coordination,” before adding: “While searching for Eevee, Weedle in addition to the rest is actually fun large, the idea is actually important to keep the focus on what matters – in addition to This kind of is actually to keep your eyes on the road Psyduck can wait for later. “

drivers to do so may also soon be risking £ 150 fine. in addition to four penalty points on the license, as well as their lives if caught using their phones behind the wheel. the idea’s no wonder there a lot of traction behind the idea of ​​ to enhance the severity of penalties if people are taking seriously their attention away by the road to Blbasor bag.

, the idea makes you wonder, though. While the idea’s illegal in addition to very dangerous to use a mobile touch by hand behind the wheel, in addition to the idea’s not illegal (however arguably still very, very dangerous) to use screen system touch screen in addition to media inbuilt car factors while driving. Some cars do not prevent you by using the screen on the go, however they are a minority.

Praise be to Allah, in addition to applications which are supported by MirrorLink, robot cars in addition to Apple CarPlay on such systems do not include Pokemon return. After the emergence of the function of touch screens in modern cars, a concern which is actually growing faster than the screen size

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so we put you, the readers Autocar, what is actually the solution? Send your thoughts to If you have any solutions to This kind of vexing problem.

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Source: Don’t Pokémon in addition to drive

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