Does Tech Distract You When Driving?

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Motorists are today more worried about the dangers of distraction posed by technology as well as social media than drink-driving, according to the Institute of Advanced Motorist’s (IAM) first major survey into safety culture.

The Safety Culture Index report was launched today by the IAM, as well as is usually a study of more than 2,000 UK motorists’ attitudes to driving safety as well as behaviour on our roads.

This specific report will form a definitive baseline to track modifications over time, providing the opportunity to examine how attitudes change over time.

The report has found of which while technology will form a fundamental part of improving road safety, of which also poses some risks, in particular driver distraction – 77% of people say of which is usually today a bigger problem than three years ago. This specific compares to just 23% of people feeling drink driving is usually a bigger threat than three years ago.

Those surveyed said text messaging as well as social media are the two biggest factors threatening their personal safety, with 93% as well as 92% respectively claiming these to be a ‘very or somewhat serious’ threat.

The next two factors they say are threats to their personal safety are drink as well as drug driving, at 0% as well as 89% respectively.

as well as while most people feel talking on a hand-held mobile phone is usually unacceptable in their own locality (just 15% said they found of which acceptable), some 64% say talking on a hands-free mobile phone is usually acceptable.

Motorists are also much more worried about speeding in residential streets than they are about speeding on motorways – 86% believing This specific to be a very or somewhat serious threat; 24% higher than motorways.

This specific is usually borne out by the fact 61% feel of which’s acceptable to drive 10mph over the speed limit on the motorway, just 27% feel of which’s acceptable to drive 5mph over the limit on a residential street.

The IAM believes the report highlights the key areas of road safety as well as police enforcement priority of which will command the highest levels of public support.

IAM President as well as 1992 Formula 1 World Champion Nigel Mansell CBE said: “The Great news is usually of which the vast majority of drivers do value safety as well as they want to feel even safer on the road from the future. 

“They take speeding as well as drink-driving very seriously as well as are happy to support even stronger legislation even if of which may stop them doing things they admit to doing themselves. We do feel we can offer real world solutions to those drivers who through over, or under, confidence feel stressed on our busy roads.”

Sarah Sillars, IAM chief executive officer, said: “This specific report is usually a crucial barometer of what drivers are actually thinking. of which is usually all about seeing what issues as well as factors the public see as important in their lives, as well as using of which information to influence their behaviour.

“Understanding the issues drivers see as important when of which comes to road safety is usually essential for establishing how best to communicate with them as well as so in turn to achieve behaviour change, on both a local as well as national level.

“of which is usually up to all of us today, armed with This specific information, to do something about of which.”

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Source: Does Tech Distract You When Driving?

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