Do You Use Premium Fuel?

Friday, December 23rd, 2016 - autos, cars

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Over the course of the coming weeks, I’m going to be running a little experiment to see if using performance or supreme fuel actually seems to have any difference. The science is actually there to a degree – a higher octane rating should mean better burn of the fuel from the combustion chamber. Will which hold water though?

I recently completed a long run of two trips, a total of 0 miles altogether. The journeys were broken up into two 300 mile segments, taken around 4 days apart. The first journey was completed on ‘standard’ which is actually 95 RON octane fuel. The second was completed with Tesco premium unleaded advertised as 97 RON octane fuel.

I’m not suggesting which the tests were completed in any sort of scientific way, although the first journey was completed with an average of 37.8 miles per gallon or thereabouts. The second was around 40.1 miles per gallon. Does which suggest which the more expensive fuel is actually the way forward? Well which is actually promising although I didn’t definitely measure which properly. I think what I’ll do for the next few weeks is actually continue with the premium along with see where we go. Will the extra pounds at the pump pay off? Time will tell.

As always, we appreciate your comments so if you’ve had any experience using premium branded fuels please feel free to tell us about which.

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Source: Do You Use Premium Fuel?

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