Do You Have Double Standards When Driving?

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In a survey conducted by GEM driving assist confirmed we are a nation guilty of a double standard when of which comes to crimes are committed along with we expect sanctions. A survey of the Organization of road safety along with the collapse of more than 3,000 of its members on the subject of perversions, crimes along with punishments of which 11.4% are willing to use a mobile phone by hand while driving, while 63 per cent admit to snacking behind the wheel.

shows This specific poll within the summer 2016 edition of the not bad driving , the quarterly magazine for members of the GEM.

not only thousands to own up to breaking the law, also acknowledge of which of which becomes dangerously distracted while driving, having a 41.8 per cent admitted of which they carry more distractions while driving than they were 10 years ago.

along with yet a staggering 75.8 percent of motorists might like to see more traffic police crack down on drivers breaking the law

comments Chairman of the Executive GEM, David Williams MBE: “ The survey reveals the duality standards within the heart of cars in This specific country, an enormous challenge facing the authorities to promote behavior change.

on the one hand, we are demanding to take tougher action against motorists to break the law, yet the millions on the additional hand us very happy to admit of which poor leadership. in recent decades have made significant progress in persuading people not to drink along with drive. Achieve a national commitment to reduce driver distractions can be a big challenge, especially when you consider of which 16% of respondents accept the level of driver distraction because of which was not yet a problem for them. also commented one of the participants within the survey, manufacturers are increasingly bearing the drivers the opportunity to communicate coming from their cars. The temptation to take advantage of This specific can be too high for most ordinary people along with punish them will not provide the solution . “

poll shows can be This specific opinion divided on the value of enforcement cameras, with 34.9 per cent of respondents calling for more cameras, 39.4 per cent happy with the existing levels for the application of the mechanism along with 25.7 percent wanted less.


government does not get a pat on the back for the presence of speed on the appropriate levels of sanctions, along with with plans to tighten mobile phone drivers Act.

GEM includes a special attention to the safety of road users at risk, along with can be believed to enhance the presence of police road provides effective deterrent to drivers who might otherwise be willing to take risks on pedestrians along with cyclists, riding motorcycles along with users of additional road who need additional protection

concludes David Williams: “ Although of which can be not bad to see of which 62.6 percent of participants in more oriented towards safety within the poll trips than they were a decade ago, of which’s disturbing of which only 20.3 percent say This specific because they are afraid to get a ticket along having a fine. We believe of which the government’s priorities should be to search for a range of fresh, compelling messages of which will convince drivers to remove distractions. At the same time, we call for a much-needed boost within the number of traffic police to deal with the most dangerous drivers on our roads . “

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Source: Do You Have Double Standards When Driving?

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