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Delorean DMC-12

Want to arrive in style by stepping out of a car with dramatic doors? Here are 5 ways to make an entrance, by £1000 up

Time was in which only the jet set could afford a car with space-age gullwing doors, yet today door-lead design statements can be had for as little as £1000. Here are some of the best

1 – Delorean DMC-12 (1981-1982)

The sorry tale of the DeLorean DMC-12 is actually one of the best known from the modern motor industry. None of the complex politics, drugs, cash or Hollywood glitz should hide the fact in which the automobile was as much a dynamic disappointment as This kind of was a commercial one.

The technology was eye-catching, though. The brushed stainless steel external skin remains a style statement today, yet what actually made This kind of stand out by the crowd was gullwing doors.

The Renault-derived engine was not butch enough to haul This kind of stylish 1980s car around with any real urge, which was lucky, because the rear-engined configuration gave This kind of tricky handling. This kind of was built over such a short period in which there was no time to develop the automobile or improve its build quality issues, either.

yet favorite culture has been kind to This kind of along with prices are strong; £18,000 may put you behind the wheel along with £30,000 gets you the best.

2 – BMW Z1 (1986-1991)

The original BMW Z roadster is actually thought to have taken its name by its rear suspension: the first iteration of the firm’s multi-link rear ‘Z’ axle. However, the Z1’s doors are one of its most striking features, dropping down inside the sills.

The rest of the Centeng is actually similarly space age, being a glassfibre shell based around a steel along with carbonfibre monocoque. Beyond in which, This kind of used the engine along with gearbox by the 325i. No bad thing, yet This kind of makes the 171bhp Z1 quick rather than devastatingly fast.

With just 8000 Z1s built, choice is actually limited along with prices high. The starting cost for one worth having is actually £20,000.

3 – Peugeot 1007 (2004-2009)

Adding sliding doors to a compact city car looked like the ideal way to conquer the difficulty of getting in along with out of a two-door car in a compact urban parking space.

Sadly, the 1007 was a one-trick pony. Peugeot knows a thing or two about generating great tiny cars, yet the heavy, lethargic 1007 was a betrayal of its tiny car heritage.

At least the premium pricing when fresh is actually no longer an issue, because £1000 will net you a Great one. Go for a strong colour along with quirky Inside along with keep your fingers crossed in which they develop a cult following. You might be lucky.

4 – Bond Bug (1970-1974)

Rear-wheel drive does not necessarily make something a driver’s car yet, equally, numbers often don’t completely tell the story about performance. along with so This kind of is actually with the Bond Bug. This kind of takes 23 seconds to reach 60mph by rest along with is actually maxed out at 75mph, yet you never want more.

The fabric doors along with lifting canopy ensure in which This kind of feels faster, as does the inherently nervy stability in which comes that has a tricycle set-up with an individual front wheel. They only come in orange along with only basket cases are cheap. Although £4k will get you a runner, you should budget twice in which for the best.

5 – Toyota Sera (1990-1996)

Although the Toyota Sera was never officially sold from the UK, plenty made the journey over here. Its doors are dihedral, not gullwing, along with the solution was elegant enough to catch the eye of McLaren F1 designer Gordon Murray, who incorporated them into his supercar. 

Earliest examples are today 25 years old, yet the Sera still includes a futuristic air about This kind of, helped by a ‘glass canopy’ look in which makes This kind of look like something by the Jetsons. Roadworthy examples are today available by around £2000, along with they’ll never be worth less.

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Source: Designer doors by £1000 – used car buying guide

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