Cute yet Classic Jaguar E-Type (1975) Review

Friday, February 12th, 2016 - Jaguar

Are you a fan of an old yet classic car? Then, Jaguar E-Type should be in your list of the favorite old yet classic car. This car was produced in 1961-`1975 and become so popular during those times. There are two types that were produced: couple type and roadsters type. The main designer and stylish for the two types of car is aerodynamicist Malcolm Sayer, and the founder the car, Sir William Lyons, is also gave some input about the design. It may be a subjective matter when we are talking about the design and the model, but truly the car is one of the cutest classic cars during that time. Anyway, shall we start the Jaguar E-Type (1975) review?


Jaguar E Type 05

Performance of the Jaguar E-Type

When we are talking about the performance, then we can’t help but talking about the engine and stuff. This sport car can run for 150 mph thanks to the 3.8 liter of engine and also independent suspension system. But that’s actually not the new type of engine. Before the Jaguar E-Type, there are other Jaguar types too that have been produced such as C type and XK type. And the two previous cars have been using the same engine just like the Jaguar E-Type. Despite of the unexpected old type of engine, Jaguar E-Type shows to the people that it can runs fast too without using any modification in the engine. Let’s continue Jaguar E-Type (1975) review with the popularity of the car.

Jaguar E Type 02

The Popularity of Jaguar E-type

As mentioned before in this Jaguar E-Type (1975) review, Jaguar E-Type has two models: coupe type and roadsters type. Between the two models, the roadsters type is more popular than the coupe type. It seems that this is happening thanks to the stiff under-structure in the open-top car. It survives well in the road and it gets high survive rate in the survey too.


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