Crossovers set to dominate global car sales in 2016

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Source : Crossovers set to dominate global car sales in 2016

global sales Forgot China. the item is actually expected in which the market is actually the progressive attitude for sales growth This kind of year, with the cross being the hottest part


watch the ups in addition to downs inside automotive market inside United Kingdom in addition to India are relatively easy, nevertheless getting to understand the broader global auto markets is actually not in which simple.

So with the help of experts coming from IHS Global, which is actually an international network of analysts automakers mine at a depth of market data, Autocar has put together some of the main results. Although China dominates the global car market sales volume, in addition to India will stand gradual global growth in 2016, with the brand new car market to expand at a rate twice coming from China. nevertheless the item would certainly also predicted in which growth inside Italian market in which China will overtake on This kind of?

crossover compact sports cars versatile also form as a success story in 2016, bucking the overall market trend in four of the seven key areas. One place not to be selling brand new cars, however, is actually Brazil, where he knocked on the economic problems inside market for a period of six


2016 – 3.44m units ( 10.3%)

piece super hot: crossing the semi-compact (+202%)

compact SUVs payment subsidiary made a significant impact in India, with the segment is actually likely to almost triple to 325,000 units This kind of year. brand new entrants such as Hyundai in addition to Renault Kreta Kwid drive the market for more political stability in addition to a strong economy to encourage brand new car buyers to stay away coming from hatchbacks in addition to saloons. However, the story of the luxury brands is actually not very not bad. Ban in city centers through the 2.0-liter diesel engine is actually to hit the distinct sales. Overall, although sales will be booming, in addition to is actually likely to grow twice as fast as last year inside market.


2016 – 4.99m units (1.1%)

hot slice: Automobile Ki ( 3.5%)

inside market which is actually likely to flatline in 2016, the item is actually difficult to single out a segment of the market to win. nevertheless the winner will be slightly Kei cars, motor city is actually designed to comply with parking in urban areas of Japan’s system. I expected the item to buck the trend by recording double the overall market growth in addition to reach 1.55 million, reflecting the return of demand following a drop of 17% in sales last year. Tax adjustments, including raising the value-added tax in 2014, laid waste to the market inside past year. the item is actually a great irony in which the Kei cars selling in fact larger numbers in rural areas, where they are prized by Japan’s huge labor force of smallholder farmers. Many will need cars Ki brand new after delaying purchases last year


2016 – 25.51m units (5.5%)

Links sectors: crossover compact (7.5%), in addition to operations Sub-moving compact (3.6%)

Chinese brand new car buyers are already going on than conventional saloons to SUVs, echoing a trend in which has taken hold in Western markets. Hot vendors in China This kind of year will be within reach of a few car seats Ofer crossover compact, represented by products such as the Baojun 560. So favorite the item is actually in which 4.3 million – the same size as the United Kingdom in addition to markets brand new cars in France combined – will be sold This kind of year. However, the increase in 2016 will slow to 7.5%, compared with market growth of 40% in 2015. Again, inside context, “slow” is actually twice the 7.5% growth forecast for the French car market This kind of entire year. in addition to the Gaza SUV II, semi-compact products, is actually also shot in China, although the numbers lower. 4.1 meters long Jianghuai purification S2 is actually an example of in which. inside past year, the item has been selling a million SUVs semi-compact, almost twice as many as in 2014, thanks to the many boats.

United States

2016 – 17.48m units (2.1%)

Hot Watch: Muscle Cars (6.1%)

in addition to is actually likely to give the muscle car industry a boost This kind of year, with an extra 17,000

low fuel prices in which are sold take total sales to 304,000. A renovated Ford Mustang drive growth in This kind of sector. The fuel prices are also cheap sales of SUVs in addition to pickups to keep booming, with four-cylinder engines increase the share of the sector to 54%. As a whole, the vehicle market inside United States continue to grow, nevertheless not as fast as last year


2016 – 1.91m units (-23.1%)

warm slice: crossovers B- segment (-6.3%)

Brazilian economy is actually not in a not bad place, a what is actually reflected inside unexpectedly sharp drop in brand new car sales This kind of year. IHS expects the loss of 573,000 units in 2016, dropping below two million units to 1.91m also lose the confidence of consumers in addition to banks tighten lending. Despite the collapse of sales, there are a few bright spots: sales of luxury cars in addition to the “spreading of positive momentum,” partly because prices have stabilized in addition to will SUV semi-compact decreases at a rate slower than the market in general. Honda HR-V, Jeep Renegade, for example, command queuing, despite the collapse of the market.


2016 – 1.17m units (2.2%)

piece Hot: full-sized cars crossover (+ 8%)

market for brand new cars in Australia This kind of year, is actually one of contradictions: the decline in sales of saloons traditional V8 in which the item has come to define the Australian car since the 1960s against the rising popularity of SUVs full-sized, in addition to family-friendly. In terms of numbers, This kind of means saloons heading towards the near 6%, while SUVs has increased by 17%. By 2017, the item will be sold almost four-wheel cars big pay-per-large saloon. Again in 2014, the item was one for one. Thanks to low fuel prices, V8 engines are still favorite. For example, the brand new Ford Mustang incorporates a 60% bias in favor of the V8. Brand Holden GM, meanwhile, has pulled on the launch of the Camaro, which right now seems set for the 1st time 2022.


Germany .2016 – units 3.25m (+ 1.2%)

piece super hot: crossovers B- segment (+ 19%)

Italy .2016 – units 1.69m (+ 7.0%)

super hot slice: crossovers B- segment (+ 29%)


modest growth inside European car market in addition to a broad in addition to diverse in 2016. for the broader trends, the item is actually worth looking at specific markets. Largest car market in Europe, Germany, in addition to almost flatline This kind of tyear, with expected growth of 1.2%, down coming from the 5.8% rise coming from last year. The real story, though, is actually Italy. the item is actually likely to add an extra 111,000 brand new car This kind of year. Buyers who put off sales are right now returning to the market in addition to the effects of the recession subside. Like the Germans in addition to Italians flocking to B- SUVs slice (-subirmana size), which is actually likely to take one in nine brand new car sales in Italy This kind of year.

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Source: Crossovers set to dominate global car sales in 2016

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