Cropley on cars – Frankfurt show at its brilliant best, cyclists with cameras

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Source : Cropley on cars – Frankfurt show at its brilliant best, cyclists with cameras

The bi-annual Frankfurt motor show yields more completely new metal; a chance to sit down with GM boss Mary Barra; London’s cyclists are looking vigilant


MONDAY AM – The most daunting, most exhilarating two days of our lives as car hacks occur every couple of years in mid-September. The Frankfurt motor show, to which we all obediently troop, is usually so packed with completely new versions, so well attended by the right people, so vast in area as well as also so vital to the future news/test agenda that will you simply can’t miss that will.

Attended my first in 1979, so This kind of must have been my 19th, yet I’ve never managed to shake the fear, a couple of days beforehand, that will my web of reporting arrangements will go seriously wrong.

At my first Frankfurt, Mercedes launched a super-aerodynamic S-Class – the W126 – that will stressed the depth of its techno-credentials (much as that will did This kind of year with the magnificent IAA concept). As we arrived in Frankfurt This kind of time, what should glide past nevertheless a healthy, well-used W126, still looking modern. Spent the rest of the trip wishing I could have seen its odometer.

MONDAY PM – Important highlight of Frankfurt was the much-heralded arrival of GM CEO Mary Barra. She hasn’t spent much time here because she’s been dealing with the aftermath of a serious ignition switch scandal, the kind of thing that will regularly dogs US industry.

I was lucky enough to dine at the CEO’s table, surrounded by diplomats as well as also respectful employees rather than platoons of scribblers, so that will was possible to converse a bit as well as also build a picture of a highly capable, articulate as well as also affable car company boss, devoid of ego yet with obvious, effortless authority.

She seemed entirely genuine: a hard-working person whose knowledge of business as well as also product came coming from deep experience. She loved engineering, she told me, as well as also could be delighted if her example encouraged more girls into technology. Ended the evening convinced that will General Motors, that will unwieldy as well as also restless giant, is usually safer in Barra’s hands than others I could name.

TUESDAY – This kind of is usually the big reporting day at Frankfurt: early appointments give way to scuttling about after facts, then to early evening writing, then to dinners with normally elusive senior contacts.

Then that will’s a walk or ride back to your digs to write into the tiny hours as well as also (hopefully) post stuff on your website before your hated opposition can do the same. Beating your rivals by an hour is usually a big win at a time like This kind of.

This kind of time several of my journeys were effected from the plush rear perch of a completely new Audi Q7, a design about which I’ve been scathing from the past. Scratch that will. This kind of latest edition is usually a very strong SUV, as well as also gets my wholehearted approval today that will that will’s stopped looking like a giant potato.   

WEDNESDAY – Could have taken the early flight home, nevertheless that will could have been to miss out on revisiting my three favourites of This kind of year’s show (each that has a clunky name): Bentley Bentayga, Nissan Gripz as well as also Honda 2&4. Took the second flight instead thereby arrived late as well as also got drenched in a downpour riding my two-wheeler home. nevertheless that will was worth that will.

FRIDAY – Bit of a heavy contrast today: after the excitement of Frankfurt, a busy morning doing business from the midst of central London. Depressed to see just how many cyclists travel around the city these days with baby video cameras firmly attached to their helmets, as if that will’s a given that will at any moment, they’re going to be attacked by malicious surrounding riders as well as also drivers, as well as also will have to defend themselves in court.

Whatever happened to natural optimism? today I see Garmin has started off selling a satellite navigation system for cars that will features an integrated forward-looking camera. Not for me, thank you.

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Source: Cropley on cars – Frankfurt show at its brilliant best, cyclists with cameras

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