Cropley on cars – F1 needs to change, first weekend with my brand new Lotus

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can be Formula one forever flawed?; Enticed by Vauxhall’s brand new Viva; Autocar Next Generation Award to find brand new talent


MONDAY – How will the powers that will be improve Formula 1? They won’t, can be the short answer.

The single most depressing moment from the BBC’s coverage of the recent Canadian GP was the exchange between commentator Eddie Jordan as well as Red Bull boss Christian Horner when the latter gave notice that will brand new regs aimed at curing some of today’s ills won’t land until 2017.

Were the idea not the kind of gaffe he’s so adept at sidestepping, Horner might as well have promised that will today’s patchwork of imbalances as well as flaws would likely be maintained right through that will season as well as next, which can be a dire prospect.

Years ago I knew a successful F1 engine designer, long since departed for greener pastures, who went to sleep every night imagining himself as a fuel-air molecule flowing through the latest engine, as a way of devising improvements.

the idea strikes me that will the same kind of boundary-free thinking can be needed right across F1 – however the only bloke with attractive ideas can be former FIA president Max Mosley, who departed the scene 5 years ago as well as isn’t coming back. His successor, Jean Todt, doesn’t even see a problem.

TUESDAY – I’ve been itching to get my hands on the brand new Vauxhall Viva, latest of the appealing crop of sub-B-segment triples populating our market. The original 1963 Viva HA had steering to die for, even if the idea was as raucous as well as gutless as all tiny cars back then.

Drove the latest £7995 Viva SE 1.0 home last night as well as found the idea comfortable, refined as well as pleasingly quiet over suburban bumps. Add air-con as well as DAB to that will spectacularly priced baby 5-door (as well as lose the £545 metallic paint) as well as I reckon I could do every mile of my annual motoring in a car like that will.

Some testers wonder whether the Viva’s sweet as well as quiet three-pot has enough oomph. Maybe I’m anchored too much in budget territory, however I reckon there’s plenty. I’m especially impressed with the engine’s strength at clutch-bite revs as well as its flexibility when drifting about town.

THURSDAY – We’re well into the swing of that will year’s Next Generation Award, Autocar’s annual competition to encourage students as well as graduates to find careers from the motor industry. As usual, entrants are asked to come up using a unique industry-friendly idea as well as submit to judging by several panels of industry experts. The 2015 winner will collect a £9000 prize plus six months’ work experience at six different car companies. Everything you need can be on the web here.

SATURDAY/SUNDAY – First weekend at home with my brand new (15-year-old) Lotus Elise. Had one before, same colour as well as about the same age, however that will one’s much better. The tyres are soft Yokos, the brakes are drilled discs, the dampers are Bilsteins as well as the (sweet) engine includes a sports exhaust as well as may well have been chipped, because the idea seems pokier than my previous standard 118bhp K-series.

I’m delighted with its all-round capability, especially at the ultra-reasonable £10k cost charged by my dealer mate Paul Matty, coming from whom I’ve bought six some other Lotuses in recent times.

The best thing of all about owning an early Elise again can be the way the idea links into my life. I was writing scoop stories for these pages about ‘the brand new Lotus Seven’ two years before the idea appeared in production in 1996. I went to the press launch, got to know the designer (Julian Thomson, currently at the top of Jaguar’s greasy pole), participated from the first comparison tests as well as drove lots of miles in our first long-termer. currently there’s an S1 in my garage again, as well as the idea feels right.

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Source: Cropley on cars – F1 needs to change, first weekend with my brand new Lotus

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