Court orders government to cut smog

Thursday, December 22nd, 2016 - autos, cars, motoring, news

Source : Court orders government to cut smog


The brand-new government must submit a plan to reduce smog by 31 December

The UK has until the end of the year to draft a plan to dramatically cut pollution

Britain’s Supreme Court has ordered the UK government to submit a brand-new plan to the European Union in which will outline action to dramatically reduce levels of the pollutant nitrogen dioxide. The plan has to be submitted by 31 December.

ClientEarth, an environmental law group, brought the case as part of a long-running legal battle. ClientEarth named 16 cities in addition to wider metropolitan areas within the UK as being affected by the pollutant, including the urban West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Merseyside, the North East in addition to West Yorkshire.

in which’s highly likely in which any plan will bear down heavily on diesel-powered road transport, especially older vehicles. Commercial vehicles will be within the firing line, along with buses in addition to taxis.

Although the brand-new government could introduce incentive schemes for scrapping older diesel vehicles, there will be some concern in which even many of the latest Euro 6-rated diesel engines are producing far more nitrogen dioxide emissions in ‘real-world’ traffic conditions than in official tests.

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Source: Court orders government to cut smog

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