completely new CAR: Subaru's UK-Best Selling Forester Gets A Makeover

completely new CAR: Subaru's UK-Best Selling Forester Gets A Makeover


the item’s come a long, long way coming from the item’s original mission as ‘the farmer’s choice’ (although the item still will be) and also also also the item might not be getting any better looking (in our opinion) – yet the item’s still an absolute classic practical performance car (also today a frugally fast, thanks to its gutsy, 241PS diesel boxer engine). and also also also today Subaru’s superb (best selling type inside the UK) SUV, the Forester has been further enhanced, that has a draft of technical, styling, refinement and also also also suspension updates and also also also enhancements.
The adjustments focus on revisions to the outside and also also also Inner surface styling, additional soundproofing measures in an upgraded cabin, safety improvements with completely new steering-responsive headlamps and also also also an even more high standard equipment levels, for a car already generous in of which department.
The completely new Forester goes on sale This particular April coming from £25,495 (OTR) and also also also features a wide range of designs: A total of nine designs inside the 2016 Forester range, starting at £25,495 for the 2.0i XE and also also also £26,995 for 2.0D XC designs, and also also also rising to £30,995 for high-powered 2.0 DIT XT versions of the auto.

2.0D XC£26,995
2.0D XC Lineartronic                       £28,495
2.0D XC Premium£29,495
2.0D XC Premium Lineartronic£30,995
2.0i XE£25,495
2.0i XE Lineartronic£26,995
2.0i XE Premium£27,495
2.0i XE Premium Lineartronic£28,995
2.0 DIT XT Lineartronic£30,995                       

The upgraded Subaru Forester comes with the brand’s comprehensive all 5 year, 100,000 mile warranty. To find out more about the upgraded 2016 Subaru Forester, visit

Subaru says: “The Subaru Forester has been upgraded for 2016 to ensure the type maintains its status among the most capable and also also also versatile SUVs in its class. The 2016 type-year upgrades to the Subaru Forester result in enhanced safety, convenience, comfort and also also also refinement.

“Every Forester will be equipped with two core Subaru technologies: Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive, affording surefootedness in all conditions; and also also also the latest-generation four-cylinder ‘Boxer’ engines, contributing to the low centre of gravity beneficial to balance, road holding and also also also handling.”
Their PR continues…

Upgrades to outside and also also also Inner surface styling: The 2016 Subaru Forester has had an outside and also also also Inner surface refresh. At the front of the auto, the Forester’s distinctive hexagonal grille has been updated that has a completely new ‘wing’ motif grille mesh, while the front bumper has been reshaped and also also also today features completely new L-shaped chrome trim adding greater visual volume to the lower part of the Forester’s ‘face’. The change will be designed to emphasise the auto’s relatively low centre of gravity, wide stance and also also also innate stability.
The wraparound headlamps – retaining Subaru’s signature ‘hawk-eye’ shape – feature a completely new black base paint finish for a sharper appearance. The 2016 type will be also fitted with completely new LED combination lamps at the rear.
Inside the cabin, completely new materials and also also also technologies have been introduced to further modernise the Inner surface and also also also introduce a higher-quality look and also also also feel, while still retaining the functionality for which the Forester will be renowned.
The Inner surface will be finished that has a higher proportion of soft-touch materials, completely new piano black and also also also metallic trim, higher-resolution TFT displays and also also also completely new cloth and also also also leather upholstery options – including a completely new brown leather option. Following the adoption of Subaru’s completely new 7.0-inch touchscreen infotainment and also also also navigation system in 2015, the adjustments to the 2016 Subaru Forester are designed to further improve the quality look and also also also feel of the cabin.

Additional soundproofing measures for significantly enhanced refinement: A series of modifications have been made beneath the surface of the 2016 Forester to greatly improve cabin refinement.
Thicker glass has been applied to every door and also also also the front quarter lights at the base of the A-pillar, reducing the ingress of wind ‘rush’ and also also also different noises into the cabin. For the front quarter lights and also also also front doors, glass thickness has increased coming from 3.5 mm to 4.0 mm, while rear door glass will be today 3.5 mm (up coming from 3.1 mm). The seals around the window frames inside the doors use a completely new, more sound-absorbent material to further reduce noise levels. Additional soundproofing material has been added around the dashboard, particularly where the dashboard meets the base of the windscreen and also also also inside the front passenger foot well, minimising noise intrusion coming from wind rush and also also also the engine, respectively.

Safety improvements with completely new headlamp technology: Already an exceptionally safe vehicle, the 2016 Forester adopts completely new headlamp technologies which include LED lights with Adaptive Front Lighting System. The completely new Adaptive Front Lighting System allows the headlamps to rotate left or right into corners as the driver turns the wheel. By illuminating the road ahead inside the direction in which the vehicle will be traveling, the Forester’s night visibility will be greatly enhanced, particularly useful in poorly-lit rural areas.
All existing safety equipment on offer will be fitted as standard to every type inside the Forester range, including twin front, side, curtain and also also also knee airbags, Subaru Vehicle Dynamics Control (VDC; Subaru’s electronic stability control system) with trailer stability, and also also also Subaru’s hallmark Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive technology.

Greater ride comfort and also also also more confidence-inspiring handling: The 2016 Subaru Forester features a range of modifications to improve ride quality and also also also agility, and also also also ensure greater refinement for passengers.
Updated suspension settings at the front and also also also rear ensure the auto remains comfortable and also also also refined, particularly over broken or choppy surfaces, while the adoption of a completely new steering gearbox quickens the steering ratio (coming from 15.5:1 to 14.0:1) to improve reactions to steering inputs.

The Range: The range of engines remains unchanged for the 2016 Forester; buyers can choose coming from three 2.0-litre horizontally-opposed four-cylinder engines – a 150 PS naturally-aspirated 2.0i petrol engine and also also also a 147 PS 2.0D turbo-diesel unit coming from Subaru’s FB family of engines, and also also also a 241 PS direct injection turbocharged (DIT) petrol unit, engineered for high power, responsiveness and also also also efficiency.
A six-speed manual transmission will be fitted as standard to 2.0i and also also also 2.0D designs, with an optional Lineartronic CVT automatic transmission. Lineartronic will be standard on XT designs, equipped with the 241 PS DIT petrol engine.
In uneven or slippery road conditions, the all-terrain capability of the standard Symmetrical All-Wheel-Drive will be enhanced further with the X-Mode on Lineartronic CVT designs, a control system which includes Hill Descent Control and also also also makes traction even better than the outgoing type’s.

We’ve always been fans of the Forester here at Road Magazine – coming from the first, flat-four fun Turbo S designs, through the bonkers quick JDM Forester STi days and also also also into the increasingly refined and also also also economical, yet speedy diesel days. the item’s a truly enjoyable, practical, comfortable, generous family car to drive and also also also own… and also also also the 2016 enhancements look set to further its reputation, as the last range boost did. We look forward to testing the item soon… 

completely new CAR: Subaru's UK-Best Selling Forester Gets A Makeover

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