Comment: How the Hyundai i30 targets VW's 'classless' Golf

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Source : Comment: How the Hyundai i30 targets VW's 'classless' Golf

How the Hyundai i30 targets VW's 'classless' Golf along with the approval of cheeky famous Volkswagen logo along with we wonder about the futures of which the two brands, along with market conditions


Hyundai ‘s completely new slogan of “people’s car” for I30.

cheeky, yes, however also a fine piece of opportunism by the Korean brand ambitious.

along with Volkswagen along with very rightly been dragged’s name through the mud within the past year, has touched Hyundai opportunity to promote itself as a kind of clean along with healthy, brand, classless, along with borrow a couple slogans Volkswagen may choose to avoid the use for a period of time in This specific process.

Hyundai unveiled i30 along with all completely new – read more here

Although Jochen Sengpiehl, Hyundai’s European marketing manager, told me there was no intention of for the disbursement of the day misery dieselgate VW , along with the inference can be clearly there.

“… maybe another competitor can be not a people’s car anymore, especially in Europe,” he said

. “Are they genuinely prepared to spend 10% more for something?’re Going to grow, we need to get to the heart of Europe, along with provide a car for everyone. In English, This specific people’s car.”

admitted which he was a slogan to get the media talking (along with here I am doing just which …), “can be not a slogan for the end consumers.” Hyundai said wanted to “spice along with show our aspirations.”

The i30 will bring special family of designs – here the full story

Therefore, i30 along with fill the gap in golf as the vehicle classless able to which can be driven by all? “What golf achieved, we will not be able to, which’s also code. the automobile situation Golf car less, driven by the students along with the rich. which can be very strong in Europe.

” We do not We want to fight which, however to get some fragments of which, to be a substitute for the people say which can not be accessed anymore. Can people want which, along with pay which amount for which. having a family of i30s coming along having a lot of engines, we can attract a big audience. “

Do you genuinely bet against them?

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Source: Comment: How the Hyundai i30 targets VW's 'classless' Golf

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