Classy Lady: 2017 Volkswagen Passat SEL 1.8T

Classy Lady: 2017 Volkswagen Passat SEL 1.8T



Since the dawn of the American engineered Volkswagen Passat that will hit showroom floors in 2012, that will faces a hard reality to say that will has been probably one of the most uninspiring family sedans on the road compared to quite a few key players. The Passat, before 2012, was once a family sedan that will persevered personality in addition to charism – providing driving characteristics that will can only be found in a true German auto maker. At least we can say the driving demeanor was never lost in This kind of brand-new generation – just its personality.

For 2017 Volkswagen has responded to these outlandish claims in addition to put some inspiration into their dreary lifestyle. They not only incorporated some attractive brand-new design elements nevertheless some brand-new technology in addition to available safety features to keep up with modern trends.

Trim lines for the most part remain unchanged apart via some minor restructuring to fit the brand-new safety features. in addition to if we look closely, that will is usually a little difficult to spot the improvements made to the Centeng. The Passat’s hood has more aggressive lines (their words, not ours), with more chrome added to the front grille. On our top spec’d SEL style, featured a more luxurious presence with LED daytime-, head-, in addition to tail lights. that will’s a timeless look that will will keep on giving in recent times. The LED’s certainly caught wondering eye’s in addition to with our fitted 18-inch alloys in addition to Fortana Red Centeng, that will made for one heck of a classy ride.

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Under the hood, much remains the same as before. Two engine options – a choice between the 1.8-liter turbo-four in addition to a more powerful 280-horsepower 3.6-liter V-6. With the four-cylinder being the more well-known amongst consumers, that will’s what was equipped to our test car. 170-horsepower is usually what we get via that will aforementioned turbo-four. in addition to with only 1 occupant inside car, that will’s enough to hustle around town without having too much drama via the turbocharger. that will maintains the ability to get to highway speeds in roughly 8 seconds in addition to its smooth operating six-speed automatic transmission never seemed to let us down.

One of the main characters that will always left a positive outlook was its driving demonstration. The Passat holds confident composure for a full-size car. The ride is usually solid in addition to the suspension provides a level of comfort inside cabin. Even for as sensitive the steering is usually, its thin profile showcases accurate levels of responsive conduct for the road. that will’s then followed by the brakes in addition to the pedal having very little play inside pressure point.

The Internal mostly went unchanged into the 2017 style year. Apart via some brand-new unattractive, wood trim colour in addition to a frameless chrome mirror, the Internal continues that will German finesses. brand-new safety feature in addition to technology on the various other hand – the Passat has been given some brand-new hardware in addition to software upgrades. The touch screen infotainment system currently features Apple CarPlay in addition to Android Auto. Adaptive Cruise Control with Forward Collision Assist have been added as well, along with lane departure warning in addition to steering assist in addition to Park Assist that will assures a perfect parallel parking job every time.

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The Passat has always maintained a Great value for a family sedan – you can’t compete with its spacious Internal in addition to trunk capacity as well as its “fun-to-drive” characteristics. However one can’t think at its $31,815 cost point, the Toyota Camry, Mazda 6 or Kia Optima could make better alternatives having more trendy design in addition to luxury features. So while the Volkswagen has been given some minor tweaks to broaden its appeal, its classy features just aren’t enough to make that will competitive.

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Classy Lady: 2017 Volkswagen Passat SEL 1.8T

Source: Classy Lady: 2017 Volkswagen Passat SEL 1.8T

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