Classic Car Jaguar XK120 (1954) Review

Saturday, February 13th, 2016 - Jaguar

Many cars that produced these latest years were using the small and convenient car for single driver, two people, or small family costumer. And the price is pretty low; it depends on the features and specifications of the car. And it’s pretty different from the classic cars back in the 1950’s. Most of the cars are the open-top model with long and wide body, and the price is pretty high. But with the high price, we can get a classic model car with great engine and amazing performance. Even now, many people are looking for the classic car and buy it to be used as their daily vehicle. One of the iconic cars in the 1950’s is Jaguar XK120. And we’ll do quick Jaguar XK120 (1954) review.


Jaguar XK120 08

Introduction of Jaguar XK120

Let’s start Jaguar XK120 (1954) review with the introduction of the car. This car was produced in 1948-1954. During the 6 years of production, there are about 10,290 cars that produced. And now, there are only about 50 cars that were available and sell in United States. The Jaguar XK120 is the continuation series of XK series from Jaguar. It has the open-top model with long model of car, and the capacity of the car is like the other classic cars; it’s for two people. Instead of sporty and flashy concept, the designer chooses bold colors but then polished them in a way that make the car looks soft and calm. But don’t get the wrong idea of this car, it has a soft look but it can runs with the speed of 120 mph. That’s quite impressive, right?

Jaguar XK120 12

The Power of Jaguar XK120

Then, we should continue the Jaguar XK120 (1954) review with the specifications of the car. There are three models of the Jaguar XK120: Coupe, Alloy, and Roadster. The specifications of the three cars are not that different. The power of the car is 190 bhp for alloy and roadster, and 160 bhp for couple.


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