Citroën 'reboot' to include electric cars as well as more expressive design

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Source : Citroën 'reboot' to include electric cars as well as more expressive design

Citroën Aircross says Linda Jackson, chief executive of the British company Citroen, two electric cars are scheduled by 2020


as well as the idea will continue to “reboot” of the brand Citroen with the launch of the SUV design mid-sized stretch within the end to eight design line-up of passenger cars, according to Linda Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of the company

SUV medium-sized brand-new Citroen will be based on the concept of Aircross (within the picture). the idea has been confirmed which the brand-new SUV will be built at the PSA factory in Rennes group of early 2018, which will begin after the start of production outside the EU.

Jackson confirmed which the brand will launch two brand-new electric vehicles – one within the B- segment in 2019 as well as the additional within the C-segment in 2020.

In spite of the expressive design as well as the nature of C4 cactus as well as brand-new C3 supermini, Citroen is usually still committed to competing within the mainstream C as well as D- segments, according to director of product brand, Xavier Peugeot.

, said Peugeot speaking at a press disclosure of the brand-new C3 Autocar which, after the division of Citroen with DS, the goal is usually to reinvent the launch as “attractive as well as brand-new as well as modern … the idea will be different, nevertheless not crazy.”

bodystyles as well as eight global designs will be, nevertheless Peugeot hinted which the brand-new designs will be tweaked to fit different markets. Vehicles are flying to China likely to be eased to the tastes of the local market, with China only C6 brand-new limo shows how the external design will be a more traditional chrome Laden.

“We want to be modern, fresh as well as he said, nevertheless these values ​​will have to be adapted to each segment as well as the market,” Jackson Autocar.

suggested which Xavier Peugeot Citroen is usually unlikely to abandon its C-segment hatchback market as well as rely only on the intersection such as the production Aircross. The need to produce sedans C- slice of global markets is usually one of the reasons which C4’s traditional a few-door will survive within the line-up company.

The shape as well as style Khalifa C5 as well as a substitute for the said Peugeot MPV big company is usually currently under discussion

while Citroen will focus on “advanced comfort” among the key brand messages brand-new – “generating drivers feel at home, “according to Jackson – there will be a derivative world Rally Championship by the brand-new C3 supermini.

Xavier Peugeot hinted which there will also be a copy orientated production performance C3 inspired by the WRC car as well as aimed at young drivers. Versions of the performance of brand-new designs coming by the additional Citroen is usually extremely unlikely, though. The

global sales last year, Citroen as well as a modest 1.16 million, with 731,000 sold within the EU as well as 302,000 in China. Even though the brand did not mention future sales target, the idea is usually estimated which the idea wants to boost sales by 20% to 25% over the next a few years.

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Source: Citroën 'reboot' to include electric cars as well as more expressive design

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