Citroën launches all-electric E-Elysée for Chinese market

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Source : Citroën launches all-electric E-Elysée for Chinese market

Citroën e-Mehari


will also be electronic display Mehari along with the Elysee-E

French brand commercial will the Chinese arm unveiled a zero-emissions design inside the Beijing exhibition, along with the brand new C6

Citroen ‘Dongfeng Citroen Chinese arm will reveal type all electrical of the saloon Elysee about Beijing Exhibition next week, before the arrival of a form on the roads inside the next year.

called E-Elysee, the brand new design uses a lithium-ion battery to provide a range of up to 155 miles along with features quick charge function in which can be higher than in just 30 minutes. Normal shipping takes another six hours, which is usually about two hours slower than Tesla design S can be controlled.

will be built-Elysee E using the same four-Centeng door saloon for the regular car along with sold along with the newly launched e Mehari (pictured above), which is usually an open design for electric all in which sold well in France.

Although both products is usually not a set to make This particular to the United Kingdom, they show how the development of technology Citroen inside the drivetrain of electric vehicles is usually paid.


Autocar recently in which the Citroen brand sister DS is usually considering converting its concept E- crisis to the production design . The launch of these two products bound for China reinforces This particular theory. Technology can even appeared in a preview of what comes in Europe.

brand new C6

Dongfeng Citroen will also display a brand new flagship sedan C6 in Beijing. The target This particular car top executive saloon segment of China along with measures 4.96m in length.

was released

few details, although says the automaker has been created This particular design by the design teams in Paris, Shanghai, emphasizing its focus on the Asian market. He will not be coming to the UK.

advanced comfort technology

Dongfeng Citroen says This particular will showcase a brand new technology in which will increase the purity along with luxury of the Chinese products

engineers along with designers called Citroen Advanced comfort along with development program has seen action to limit things such as air along with road noise with enhanced ride quality along with cabin space along with functional.

brand new range of cabin also being prepared materials along with lighting, in order to create a “more relaxed atmosphere” for passengers.

This particular type of technology is usually of particular importance inside the Chinese market, where comfort along with luxury are the priorities, although This particular is usually certainly plausible in which This particular will make its way to the European Citroëns inside the future.

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Source: Citroën launches all-electric E-Elysée for Chinese market

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